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Showcase your menu with .restaurant domain

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Get your restaurant noticed: .restaurant domain

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Let 1&1 help you distinguish your restaurant from other businesses - Reserve your .restaurant domain

If your restaurant is looking for fantastic new ways to set itself apart from other businesses and establishments, take a look at 1&1’s range of new top-level domains. Perfect for businesses or even personal websites focused on specific fields, URLs for restaurants can be defined when you pre-reserve a .restaurant domain. This is a great opportunity for establishments in larger cities, where hospitality is a competitive business and the need to find innovative marketing techniques is imperative. Promoting your restaurant online has become a lucrative option and together with the .restaurant TLD option by 1&1 to get noticed, you can have a domain that will set you apart from the rest.

Register your .restaurant domain and get your restaurant noticed online

Consumers are turning to the internet to find restaurant recommendations and reviews, so having a strong online profile for your restaurant has become more important than ever before. Keeping your restaurant relevant by staying up to date on social media and having a website to promote your menu can be a surprisingly affordable promotion avenue when done correctly. Along with a clear domain name like, your restaurant’s website can be easily remembered with a unique TLD that is relevant to your business. As well as pre-reserving a new domain, 1&1 can help your restaurant with other web services including website creation or e-mail solutions if you are looking for efficient ways for potential customers to reserve a table or enquire about catering orders.

Purchase a website for your establishment with unique .restaurant domain options

With popular TLDs like .com, finding a domain that is memorable and catchy can be difficult if your restaurant specializes in a specific cuisine or happens to have a common name. As the .restaurant TLDs are new to 1&1, you can be the very first to create a URL that best fits your business. Get rid of unnecessary characters and have domains like transformed to simply, Not to mention a clear and specialized URL will also help search engines as well as potential customers recognize your business’ specialty in an instant. Take a look at 1&1’s other Food & Drink related new top-level domains including .bar and .menu if you happen to own more than one establishment or website.

Be the first to register your .restaurant domain with 1&1

These top-level domains are a new feature so be one step ahead of your competitors and register your .restaurant domain through 1&1 as soon as possible. 1&1 wants to ensure customers purchase their perfect domain combination, so pre-reserving a .restaurant domain is free. The process of registering is also simple and in just a few clicks you are on your way to securing a great domain made specifically for your restaurant. Even if you happen to be with a different internet provider, customers are still able to register .restaurant and other domain extensions. And of course, if you are satisfied with 1&1’s customer service, then transferring your website completely to 1&1 is also possible.