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Your own physical platform with dedicated
resources and root and up to 12 cores Now up to 40% Off 1st month



Reliable performance
on a virtual platform Now up to 80% Off 1st month



Dedicated virtual platform with resources
configurable by the hour.

NEW High-end servers:
Business Line by Dell™

A server for every need

13 years of experience and approximately 70,000 servers in operation

Dedicated Servers

A large selection of high performance servers for medium to large projects, from budget to high-end developer.

Professional servers with up to 12 cores.

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Virtual Servers

Utilize a virtual server as your entry into the server world, for example as:

  • A web or email server
  • A community or blog server
  • A small store server
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Dynamic Cloud Server

Ideal for ever-changing requirements, for example a seasonal online store or one with high traffic variables.

Billing on an hourly basis.

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Maximum security for your applications

Availability, reliability, and the best performance- all from 1&1


1&1 High Performance Data Centers

1&1 data centers are amongst the safest and most modern in the US

  • Redundant technology guarantees the highest reliability- if a server experiences issues, the second server automatically takes over.
  • Complex security measures provide data security according to US standards
  • 300 Gbit/s external connections ensure fast access times

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1&1, the server experts

  • Every 1&1 server is built by our experts in accordance with the latest industry standards and checked for optimal performance.
  • Exclusive use of hardware components specifically designed for professional, continuous operation.

1&1 Expert Support

If you have questions about our servers, our experts are available 24/7 via phone and email


Frequently asked questionsn

  • How can a 1&1 Server benefit my online business?

    For customers looking to create advanced websites with large amounts of data, server based web hosting is the perfect solution. 1&1 offer three packages to ensure that you have the opportunity to select the best server package for your requirements. For businesses and organizations that deal with data-heavy files such as videos, photos and graphics, or international companies that need to host several platforms, containing geo-specific information, the performance, security and flexibility of a server is integral to the continued growth of your online presence. Server hosting means you put less strain on your personal hardware, ensuring reliability and cost efficiency over the long term. Dedicated and upgradable storage means you should never be short of virtual space. And finally, high powered centralized servers provide your site with lightning speeds and exceptional up-time. All of 1&1's server packages have a high level of customizability, meaning that the services and tools you require are on hand as your business adapts and grows. You also have the opportunity to be as hands on as you desire, with either Linux or Windows operating systems or the option to sit back and relax with 1&1’s fully managed service.

  • 1&1 have a great selection but how do I choose the best package for my needs?

    1&1's web server packages are fully customizable meaning whichever server you select, you can be assured that your service will grow alongside your business. All of 1&1's servers offer the best in performance and a choice of either Windows or Linux operating systems with full root access. For smaller enterprises, 1&1's Virtual Server package offers cost effective virtual server performance that guarantees reliability with 1&1’s server monitoring application. Enjoy 50-200 GB of storage and generous traffic limits of 1000-2500 GB/month from your highly secure virtual server. For customers looking for something a little more advanced, why not try 1&1's Dynamic Cloud Server which provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility. Choose the basic configuration at a fixed monthly cost or purchase upgrades as and when you like for small hourly increments. With storage space totaling 800 GB and lightning processors providing a 2000 GB/month traffic limit, you can be sure your high data site has all the power it requires. Finally, large businesses requiring the most advanced, dedicated servers should select 1&1's Dedicated Server package. Huge storage of up to 4000 GB and unlimited traffic provide the ultimate professional server solution with the option of a managed service for those with more pressing matters. All of 1&1's packages include SSL, IPv4 and a dedicated firewall for increased security alongside 24/7 e-mail support and a 24/7 hotline manned by highly trained technicians should you encounter any issues.

  • I'm looking to grow my business rapidly, can I customize and upgrade my package as I expand?

    Yes, at 1&1 you are free to customize and upgrade your web server package at any time. Simply contact one of our server hosting experts using our 24/7 hotline or our email support, and upgrade your server package as and when you need. For relatively small web projects in their early stage of growth, you may wish to start out with a standardized Virtual Server package. Here you will receive the necessary support to get your project off the ground. As soon your project begins to require more support, you are free to upgrade to one of our Dynamic Cloud Server or Dedicated server packages to support your project as it grows. If you’re looking for maximum flexibility and top performance, a Dynamic Cloud Server package would be the perfect choice for your business. With this web hosting option you have the flexibility to determine the configurations of your package at any time – selecting for yourself how many vCores, how much RAM and how much hard disk space you wish to make use of. Here, you also have the option to switch to ‘sleep mode,’ meaning that you only have to pay for the support that you require and use. At 1&1, we are able to provide support for all web projects, whatever the size or volatility, and are flexible when it comes increasing the level of web server support as your business expands.

  • I need my data to be secure, can I rely on 1&1's security systems?

    At 1&1, we understand the importance of keeping your data secure, and so employing effective and reliable security systems is of the utmost importance to us. With the latest AMD and INTEL processor technologies, and adherence to the highest safety standards, 1&1 servers provide the full performance required for you to run your most demanding web applications smoothly and, most importantly, securely. All server packages include a GeoTrust dedicated SSL certificate which acts as your first line of defense against online intruders. It also indicates to your users that when they share personal data with you, it will remain secure. All server packages also include a firewall, based on the advanced technology of Cisco Systems, at no extra cost. The firewall acts as an external barrier, filtering traffic before it arrives to the server and ensuring that your data remains safe and secure. This firewall is easily installed, without the need for additional software, and can be configured, as well as switched on and off, all from your control panel. And if that wasn’t enough reassurance, 1&1’s data center is considered one of the most modern within the US and is equipped with leading technologies meaning you can be certain that your data is secure with 1&1’s web servers.

  • Once I've decided on which package is best for me, how do I sign up?

    Signing up with 1&1 couldn't be easier. Simply use our intuitive, step-by-step process to select which package you require and then tweak the variables to your particular needs. A simple and transparent pricing system ensures you understand exactly what you will be paying for your desired features. 1&1's dedicated configuration tool allows you to make like-for-like comparisons of the various products, meaning you have complete control over your selection and, with a range of different contracts, you need not commit yourself for any longer than you wish too. Should you wish to speak to a member of 1&1's highly trained technical staff then we offer 24/7 telephone and email support. Whatever your query, you can expect a timely and helpful reply, enabling you to make an informed decision about which package is best for you. Why not begin to plan the future growth of your business and consider upgrading to a web server package from 1&1 today.