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Your own physical platform with dedicated
resources and root and up to 12 cores



Reliable performance
on a virtual platform



Dedicated virtual platform with resources
configurable by the hour.

NEW High-end servers:
Business Line by Dell™

A server for every need

13 years of experience and approximately 70,000 servers in operation

Dedicated Servers

A large selection of high performance servers for medium to large projects, from budget to high-end developer.

Professional servers with up to 12 cores.

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Virtual Servers

Utilize a virtual server as your entry into the server world, for example as:

  • A web or email server
  • A community or blog server
  • A small store server
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Dynamic Cloud Server

Ideal for ever-changing requirements, for example a seasonal online store or one with high traffic variables.

Billing on an hourly basis.

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Maximum security for your applications

Availability, reliability, and the best performance- all from 1&1


1&1 High Performance Data Centers

1&1 data centers are amongst the safest and most modern in the US

  • Redundant technology guarantees the highest reliability- if a server experiences issues, the second server automatically takes over.
  • Complex security measures provide data security according to US standards
  • 300 Gbit/s external connections ensure fast access times

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1&1, the server experts

  • Every 1&1 server is built by our experts in accordance with the latest industry standards and checked for optimal performance.
  • Exclusive use of hardware components specifically designed for professional, continuous operation.

1&1 Expert Support

If you have questions about our servers, our experts are available 24/7 via phone and email


Frequently asked questions

  • What are the advantages of a cloud server?

    Put simply, the advantages of cloud server hosting are complete flexibility and cost control. With a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server, the amount you’re willing to spend per month is under your control. Choosing between our Flex and Advantage (annual) options, you decide how much CPU, RAM or hard disk space you want. Use the handy configuration wizard on our website to see how much you will pay for the processing and storage power you need.

    Cloud servers from 1&1 will give you full root access, dedicated resources and a new sleep mode feature, with which your data can be stored on standby for up to six months. Cloud server hosting contains fail-safe security and redundant network storage, protecting you and your data should any network failures occur.

    Additionally, you have the option to add up to 99 virtual machines under one contract with a cloud server from 1&1. An interesting feature for cloud web hosting is the brand new ‘Snapshot’, where you can literally create a snapshot of your configuration at any time, giving you a restore point that you can access in the future.

  • Are there different packages for cloud server hosting?

    While there are actually two different options for a cloud server, the Flex or Advantage (annual) plans, our packages are adaptable and prices vary depending on your requirements. If you would like the ability to be super flexible with no minimum contract period, then our Flex option is perfect for you. Here, you have the possibility to deactivate your cloud server any time you like.

    1&1 offers you adjustable cloud server pricing, simply use the price wizard on our website to see how much you’ll pay for the configuration you’d like. The Advantage (annual) plan option from 1&1 is great for those who require a more consistent cloud server plan on a fixed-term basis, which can actually save you money in the long run compared to the more flexible and short term Flex plan.

    In addition, we’d like to introduce our new pay-per-configuration option for our cloud servers, which is based on an hourly structure. Performance features are billed by the hour, so time is money when it comes to how much you want to get out of your cloud server. Don’t forget, initial configurations can be changed at any time.

  • What are some technical specifications of cloud servers?

    Features of the Dynamic Cloud Server are adjustable to suit your needs, however, CPUs range from 1-8 vCores, RAM varies from 1-32 GB and hard disk space from 100-800 GB of available storage space.

    Your data is more secure than ever before, with the brand new 1&1 cloud servers that are connected using RAID. With geo-redundancy, your critical data is separated over several hard disks, so using the RAID network, should a hard disk fall for whatever reason, others will keep going and your cloud server won’t be damaged in any way.

    1&1 cloud servers use a bandwidth that is 100 Mbit/s, resulting in a quick and stable connection to the Internet. Additionally, 2,000 GB of IP data traffic is included in our plans each month. Cloud servers are functional with Linux and Windows operating systems, both equally compatible with server administration software Parallels® Plesk 12, the leading industry tool for admin tasks.

    Overseeing the cloud server hosting is the Citrix Xen Server on AMD multicore architecture, giving you the ability to run up to 99 virtual machines on a cloud server from 1&1.

  • How does a 1&1 cloud server keep my data safe and secure?

    The 1&1 data centers are some of the most fortified and technically capable in the US. Data loss isn’t something you need to worry about with a cloud server, as daily automatic backup of your data occurs for as far back as the previous 14 days.

    In accordance to US regulations, our data security is top of the line, using redundant technology so that if any cloud server hosting issues arise, backup servers will automatically take over and keep your data functioning and untouched.

    1&1 cloud servers come fully equipped with an external Cisco based IP firewall, completely free of charge. By using a firewall to safeguard your data, the best cloud servers are protected against the threat of online attacks, such as hackers, viruses and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The 1&1 firewall can be completely configured and turned on or off directly from your control panel with no additional software necessary. You can also monitor any suspicious activity on your website by means of a dedicated smartphone app or via your desktop.

    The new ‘Snapshot’ feature with our Dynamic Cloud Server can save your configuration at any time, giving you the peace of mind that you can manually recover data if the situation warrants.

  • Is a cloud server right for me?

    Flexible cloud server pricing makes this option a unique and viable choice for you. With up to 99 virtual machines and adjustable configuration with the price wizard on our website, the power remains with you to know if cloud servers are suitable for your needs. The Flex package enables you to deactivate your cloud server at any time, however, the Advantage (annual ) package gives you a cheaper alternative for the long term.

    Keep in mind that 1&1 offers a one month trial for our Dynamic Cloud Server, with a 30 day money back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with a cloud server. Of course, packages can be upgraded or downgraded depending how much usage you need. Adjustable monthly or upfront payments give you the ability to shape your own price plan for cloud web hosting.

    Our expert team can be called or emailed 24/7, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are any questions or concerns regarding plans or which cloud server hosting package is correct for you. With our high tech data centers, geo-redundancy and a strong focus on data security, we believe that we can offer a cloud server that is perfect for you.