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  • Great for corporate or individual websites
  • .site gives you new possibilities to define memorable domain extensions for your business
  • .site is the abbreviation for website and easy to remember
  • Offer your customers a simple and memorable .site domain and increase your website traffic
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1&1 now offers new .site top-level domains – Pre-reserve a great alternative to .com

If you are hoping to create a new domain name for an existing or up-and-coming website, then you may find that your ideal .com top-level-domain is already taken. Seen as a first choice option, 1&1 have taken the initiative to provide new authentic domain alternatives so that URLs can still look professional and relevant to visitors, without you having to pay a high price compared to those of your desired .com choices. Acting as a title to your website, webmasters want to make sure that their domain is simple and memorable. New .site domains can answer that request by granting websites with an easy to remember URL without the need for unnecessary characters. Example domains like can now be transformed simply to Pre-reserve your .site domains with 1&1 today.

Endless opportunities for you with .site

Without the need for irrelevant characters to make a URL unique, everyone can now reserve the perfect domain for a website with 1&1. The combinations are now endless, so for businesses which previously could not find their ideal .com or .net domain due to a saturated market, purchasing an affordable .site domain is now a great solution. If you are looking for ways to keep up with current internet trends, then personalizing your domain to match your website niche is a great start. After reserving a .site domain for your online business, why not look into the other services 1&1 provides to help make your business more visible on the web.

Give a sense of originality to your website and register a .site domain

Don’t think that a leading website needs to have a .com top-level domain. In today’s climate, it is all about finding domain alternatives that can instantly describe what your website is all about in a simple URL. With technology advancements, 1&1 can provide customers with new top-level domains like .site that will set your website apart from the rest. Just like the .com top-level domain, you can illustrate to visitors and search engines that your website is a leading competitor with examples like Find endless opportunities with .web, .online and other new top-level combinations on the 1&1 domain page. Now, by registering a .site domain at 1&1, you can really find the perfect URL combination applicable to your personal website or business.

For a professional outcome, choose 1&1 when registering your new .site domain

No matter if you have an eCommerce website or a personal blog, it is important that your website is hosted by a professional internet server. Be confident in knowing that there is nothing to lose when reserving a .site top-level domain at 1&1, as payment only needs to be made once you confirm and register. And along with their other principles for Hosting and eCommerce, registering a .site domain with 1&1 will be conducted by a professional team consisting of experts in their field. With an excellent customer support center, know that your new website will be launched perfectly from the beginning with a great new 1&1 domain.