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All-in-one hosting solution


that includes:

  • your selected domain
  • an easy to use website builder
  • unique, matching email addresses
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Top features included in 1&1 Online Today
    • FREE Domain
      FREE Domain
      FREE domain for the first year, choose from .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .website, .club, .me
    • Website
      Website builder included: great designs, all individually customizable and optimized for mobile devices
    • FREE E-Mail
      FREE E-Mail
      10 FREE E-Mail accounts with 2GB mail space each
    • Design
      Choose from numerous layouts and customize them to your personal needs and wishes
    • Mobile
      Perfect representation of your website on mobile devices. As well as the ability to edit content from your tablet.
    • Drag & Drop
      Drag & Drop
      Fast and easy website creation through drag & drop: no need for programming
      skills or additional software to create your own website
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Web Hosting with 1&1

  • What is 1&1 Online Today?

    1&1 Online Today is an all-inclusive package for your success on the Internet. In addition to including your domain (included free for one year) it includes many other helpful features: e-mail addresses and a hosting package with a variety of useful applications. Creating a successful Internet presence is easy with 1&1 Online Today- everything you need is included.
  • What is included in 1&1 Online Today?

    1&1 Online Today includes not only one year of registration for your domain, but also a variety of useful features that make it easy to start your online presence.

    10 e-mail accounts with 2 GB mailbox storage each ensure you have addresses that match your domain. Simply set up your desired e-mail addresses.

    No matter your intended use, with 1&1 Online Today it's easy to get started: an integrated website builder with numerous design templates provides inspiration and is easy to operate. A simple drag and drop interface can be used to add or move elements, allowing a website to be created quickly and easily, even by less experienced users.

    Integrated Click & Build Apps allows for multiple extensions to be added to your site. 100 GB of webspace gives you plenty of space for your files. To keep up with ever-changing technology, you also have the ability to optimize your site for mobile devices.
  • What can I do with 1&1 Online Today?

    No matter your plan, 1&1 Online Today offers the perfect start: you can display, for example, your hobbies, your pets or your dream wedding on a private website. The website builder with drag & drop functionality can make the project happen while remaining secure. You might want to publish a travel journal, create an online photo album or a video blog- all possible with
    1&1 Online Today. Of course, you can also create a professional presence for your business on the Internet, with e-mail addresses that match your domain. The options with 1&1 Online Today are seemingly endless!
  • Can I use my domain with 1&1 Online Today?

    Of course! You can use your domain with a 1&1 Online Today package. You'll benefit from a price advantage, as one year of registration for your domain is included with 1&1 Online Today. Also included are your own distinctive e-mail addresses- 10 accounts with 2 GB mailbox storage each.
  • What is the benefit to me 1&1 Online Today?

    1&1 Online Today gives you a complete package to get started in the online world at an unbeatable price. A diverse array of tools are included to quickly and easily create your online presence for your domain.