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Whatever your development plans are, your server has to meet your requirements. At 1&1, we understand this. Our servers guarantee performance, flexibility, and security.

We offer a flexible range of servers for every demand, with the latest generation of hardware and unlimited traffic.

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Daniel H.


1&1 Virtual Servers


  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE More resources, guaranteed vCores, optional SSD
  • SIMPLE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION Simple app installation,
    Parallels Plesk 12 application pool
  • FEATURE RICH Unlimited traffic,
    automatic backups
from $4.99/month*

For use as a web server, mail server, or individual applications

Benefit from maximum availability, the best performance, and professional customer service.

Our expertise makes the difference

1&1 has been offering professional servers at reasonable prices since 2001.


Sophisticated virtualization technology

1&1 Virtual Servers utilize Parallels Virtuozzo® technology. By sharing a single system platform, each virtual machine can achieve maximum perfomance.

Performance and RAM Boost

Unused resources are efficiently available at times of peak load. For Linux, the guaranteed memory and processing power can be doubled and fully utilized.


1&1 Expert Support

If you have questions about our servers, our experts are available 24/7 via phone and email.

Technology The Way You Want It

Virtual servers are the ideal solution for your growing business. At 1&1 it’s our mission to provide the virtual server hardware and support you need to reach your business goals faster. Let’s get started today! Offering virtual servers for your unique business needs, select from one of our 4 competitively priced packages. As your virtual partner, we’ll be here as your business grows; ensuring that you have the adequate technical capacity to facilitate your continued success.

A Virtual Server for Your Unique Needs

Incredible Performance Features All 1&1 virtual servers are equipped with high-performance components ensuring stable and fast service. As a 1&1 virtual server customer you’ll enjoy access to brand-new AMD processors, the most secure data centers in North America and top-tier connectivity.

Choose Your Operating System Select the operating system that meets your business needs. Offering both Linux and Windows operating platforms, as well as a wide selection of intuitive administrator tools, we provide the resources your evolving business needs.

Unmatched Security Our complex security management platform ensures that your data is protected at all times. We proudly maintain one of the most secure data systems in North America. Our virtual servers are equipped with configurable firewalls and GeoTrust certified SSL certificates.