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What is a webhosting provider?

A webhosting provider is a business that offers you to provide you the space on a server to make a website accessible to the World Wide Web. They are the connection between the website owner and the website visitor, who views the website on the Internet. The website creator uploads his website the web hosts server, who then publishes the website on the World Wide Web. Many webhosting providers don't just offer the simple act of publishing the website anymore. They also offer website builders, domain selection and domain hosting alongside the website hosting services. A perfect example is 1&1, which offers extensive and interesting features like MyWebsite, domain selection and price comparison, private domain registration and much more.
Web hosting providers

What services do I get from a webhosting provider?

Usually a webhosting provider gives you the service of offering and supplying you space on their server providing you internet connectivity in a data center. This gives you the possibility to publish your website on the World Wide Web. The website creator would upload his website files to the file transfer protocol (FTP) or to a web interface. The webhosting providers make it possible through this process for your website to be available on the Internet so that anyone can access it through their web browsers. Nowadays, most webhosting providers offer more than just this task of hosting your website. Most commonly they simultaneously offer the service of domain hosting, because they already host your website. More and more webhosting providers also offer domain registration and website building services for people who don't have previous programming skills for such activities.

1&1 as a web hosting provider is absolutely safe

Why should I use 1&1 as my webhosting provider?

At 1&1 you have everything in one place. You can do everything from registering your domain name to managing your website yourself. 1&1 enables you to register your domain name, build your own website and manage it with MyWebsite. Besides this, 1&1 concurrently acts as your domain and web host, ensuring your website works from top to bottom. If you are only interested in why 1&1 is the most suitable webhosting provider for you, there are multiple reasons. 1&1 provides you with the safety and security of one of the largest and most advances webhosting servers in the world. This is accomplished by the 1&1 Dual Hosting, which protects your web assets by hosting in two separate locations at the same time. By doing this, 1&1 ensures maximum reliability and functionality of your website so that it is always live and available for viewing. Choose 1&1 as your webhosting provider and you will have never felt so safe and secure about your website being on the World Wide Web!
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Customer Support

At 1&1 we offer top-notch customer support – 24/7. Make us your web hosting provider and rest assured that the 1&1 team is here whenever you need us. Contact us now!

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