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Our 1&1 Web Hosting packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources at the best price.

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$0.99 per month*

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1&1 Hosting


  • COMPLETE Unlimited webspace, databases, e-mail accounts and storage, domains (1 domain included), and much more 
  • RELIABLE Geo-redundancy, daily backups, 1&1 SiteLock Basic, 1&1 CDN
  • EASY 1&1 Click & Build Apps including WordPress and Joomla!®

1&1 Hosting Unlimited!

Choose Your Operating System:


For websites with mostly static HTML pages
  • 10 GB Webspace
  • 1 Website
  • 10 E-mail Accounts
  • 2 GB E-mail Storage
  • No Domain Included
  • Up to 300 MB RAM
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12 months 6.99$0.99/month*
An all inclusive solution for a professional online presence
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 100 E-mail Accounts
  • 2 GB E-mail Storage
  • 1 FREE Domain included
  • Up to 600 MB RAM
  • Over 140 Apps
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Unlimited Plus

12 months 9.99$4.99/month*
Great value and unlimited resources for dynamic and interactive content
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited E-mail Storage
  • 1 FREE Domain included
  • Up to 1.2 GB RAM
  • Over 140 Apps
  • 1&1 SiteLock Basic
  • 1&1 CDN
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Unlimited Pro

12 months 14.99$9.99/month*
Premium features and guaranteed performance, plus 1&1 Expert App Support
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited E-mail Storage
  • 1 FREE Domain included
  • 2 GB RAM guaranteed
  • Over 140 Apps
  • 1&1 SiteLock Basic
  • 1&1 CDN
  • 1&1 SSL Certificate
  • 1&1 App Expert Support
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A solution for everyone

From a uniquely programmed website to 1-click installation of popular open source applications

Windows or Linux - the choice is yours


PHP 5.6, Zend, Perl, Python and Ruby

We support the most popular and important scripting languages, including: PHP 5.6, PHP 5.5, Perl, Python, and Ruby, as well as frameworks like Zend, making it easier for you to display dynamic content, quickly access databases and adapt the function of the web project to your requirements.

MySQL 5 database can be used as a database system with 1GB of disk space.

With our git versioning tool, you have the option to save various work items on your web space.

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ASP.NET, PHP und Perl

The Windows version of our Hosting packages support all .NET Framework versions up to 4.5 and ASP.NET, PHP and Perl. A separate application pool with up to ten .NET applications is also included. You have the freedom to choose your operating system and are always kept up to date!

Microsoft SQL database 2012 and MySQL 5 are both available with 1GB of disk space.

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Didn´t find what you´re looking for?

We may still have the ideal solution for you.


Take the guesswork out of WordPress: from guided best-practice setup to our reliable and secure platform, we have you covered.

Designed for bloggers, designers or businesses.

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Performance Hosting

Focus on running your business: we manage the maintenance of your dedicated server and you get our Webhosting features on top.

Designed for high traffic sites without the need for server upkeep.

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Useful Information

Helpful information about 1&1 Website Transfer.


Bring your website to the Internet and eBusiness experts.

Switching to 1&1 can be achieved quickly and easily. Our website transfer specialists are on hand to support you with the transfer of your existing databases.

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Additional information about Transfers.

If you're looking to discover more interesting ways to increase your websites' success on the Internet, talk with others about their experiences, or read informative articles about hosting transfers / website relocation, the 1&1 Community is the place for you! Become a part of the community today!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I choose 1&1 over other hosting companies?

    Here at 1&1, we believe that our web hosting should be your very first selection; simply because we care about delivering excellent hosting services - as much as you care about maintaining a great website. Since 2001, the cornerstone of 1&1 has been about providing unbeatable webhosting with a strong aim on tough security measures and constant growth.

    Our diverse and unique hosting packages are tailor-made to fit a vast range of requirements and budgets; so we make absolutely certain to find something for everyone. However, if you’re unsure of which web hosting option is right for you, then feel free to contact our 24/7 expert support team via phone or email. Over 19 million business and private customers have enjoyed the unrivalled website hosting services that 1&1 provides, making us one of the best choices for registering top-level domains.

    What’s more, we only use the greatest available technologies to support the cutting-edge hardware and resourceful software for our webhosting. So much, in fact, that our data center in Kansas has actually been named a Green Power Partner by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, not only do we use our energy efficiently – but we also use it cleanly.

  • What safety features are associated with webhosting from 1&1?

    Ultimately it’s reliability, not just supreme security that our customers love with our website hosting. That’s why we make a point of utilizing geo-redundant technology; meaning that your precious data is backed-up daily and actually managed in two different data centers in the USA.

    Additionally, 1&1 hosting provides you with our SiteLock feature, which will scan up to 25 sub-pages to assist you in the safeguarding of your website. This will scan for SQL injections, website apps and cross-site scripting. You may also showcase the SiteLock Trust Seal with 1&1 webhosting, showcasing ultimate confirmation of security to all your visitors. This feature can also be upgraded to a premium range, enabling up to 500 sub-pages.

    Moreover, 1&1 employs 300 GB external connectivity for our web hosting services; guaranteeing that your website will constantly receive only the speediest access times. All this and an external firewall provided by Cisco, means that your webhosting experience is the safest that it can be.

    1&1 hosting also contains CDN (Content Delivery Network), designed to fasten loading times, minimize waiting during heavy traffic periods and gives you extra defense against spam and hacking. CDN can also be optimized as an additional opportunity for mobile browsing.

  • What are the benefits of each website hosting package from 1&1?

    As well as giving our customers the choice of either a Linux or Windows operating system for our web hosting, 1&1 provides many hosting packages that will match your requirements.

    Our entry-level packages will be a great beginning into the world of web hosting, and will provide you with all the tools necessary to maintain a basic functioning website. Mid-range hosting packages cater for those who have some understanding of webhosting and require the use of premium features and productivity. Put simply, those who desire the fastest overall performance and greatest storage space would benefit from our finest web hosting package.

    Of course, the advantage of the top of the range package for your hosting is the fact that your overall webspace is unlimited and additionally the ability to host several websites. Furthermore, performance and security features are naturally at their most advanced with our website hosting for high traffic sites.

    Regardless of which hosting package you end up choosing, all features and benefits are clearly and easily accessible on the 1&1 website, letting you know precisely what you’re receiving for your hosting deal. What’s more, our expert support team will be happy to answer any questions about our offers.

  • Are there design tools and apps that come included with 1&1 hosting packages?

    1&1 aims to help you make the most out of your web hosting, this is why we provide a broad assortment of apps and tools that will assist your website. Any of the popular and useful apps we offer can be tried and tested for 30 days, then deleted should you decide it’s no longer necessary for your hosting needs.

    The 1&1 App Center lists the most current and convenient apps for you to browse, such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla! and Typo3. Our list is ever-changing and updating, so check back often to see what can help your webhosting.

    The Website Builder is one of the most supportive features for our website hosting. With no software installation necessary, this particular design item allows you a wealth of customization and layout options for your hosting needs.

    Our Mobile Website Builder is ideal for those wishing to make mobile specific websites; or even if you desire to optimize a browser site into the mobile market. Be sure to take a look at the layout wizard on our website, to see how a site can alter in appearance when switching from desktop, smartphone or tablet.

  • Will 1&1 assist me with marketing for my web hosting?

    With over 13 million customers, 1&1 is proud to offer unparalleled customer service that ensures you can always depend upon comprehensive support for your website hosting. Our highly trained technical experts offer 24/7 telephone and email support, giving you constant access to excellent advice and assistance, whatever your webhosting question. Of course, 1&1 is also on hand to answer any other questions or queries you may have regarding any of our products – particularly useful as your website grows and you require greater support.

    1&1 has been providing happy customers with the very best products since 2001 and we are committed to continuing to operate as industry leaders with excellent credentials. Our high-level customer support has been recognised with a host of awards and customer testimonials – which means your cheap web hosting solution is both secure and reliable at all times.

    Whatever your expertise or level of experience with website hosting, 1&1 can help guide you through any difficulties you are facing. From simple questions regarding package choice, to more complicated technical questions about system infrastructure, 1&1 is here to ensure you make the most of our products and enjoy the very best of the web.