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Robin O.

“Need an easier way to get your business online? 1&1 MyWebsite includes everything you need for a professional website with powerful functionality!”

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Robin O.
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1&1 MyWebsite


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Professional designs for your industry

Pre-filled text and images for hundreds of industries,
providing a great starting point for your website.

It's easy:

Build your website quickly and easily on your own.
Change the text, images, colors and design with just a few clicks and they're online instantly.

Premium designs

With a few clicks, choose from numerous professional website designs which can be customized to your tastes.

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Fast, convenient editing

Editing your website requires no prior technical knowledge or additional software. Simple drag & drop operation allows you place elements quickly and easily wherever you like.

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Gain inspiration from starter photos and text

With high-quality, pre-filled images and text for your industry, as well as a matching page structure, your website can make a good impression from the very beginning. Of course, our suggested text can easily be changed and you can add your own content, text, and photos. There's also a royalty-free stock image archive with thousands of options!

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Perfect presentation on mobile devices

You can optimize your 1&1 MyWebsite automatically for display on mobile devices with just one click! The display adapts to the optimal screen resolution on a variety of mobile devices, ensuring your website functionality is presented in full.

It's that easy.

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1&1 MyWebsite Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can 1&1 help me get my web page design on smartphones and tablets?

    The overwhelming presence of smartphones and tablets in society today has resulted in many people no longer find the need to use a traditional computer to access the Internet. This means that any new website should be designed to display equally as well on these portable devices as it does on a standard computer. Thankfully, 1&1's range of free website templates offer responsive design to ensure that your site is always fully functional and professional no matter the device it is being viewed upon – giving you increased exposure and unlimited mobility. Responsive web templates are a key component of modern website design, allowing users to access websites at any time of day from any given location. Previously, creating websites with responsive design required expert programming knowledge and a comprehensive web design tool set. However, thanks to 1&1 free website templates and our intuitive MyWebsite suite, all of this is taken care of with a single click – giving you more time to concentrate on your all-important content. Once you've done this, the display automatically adapts to the optimal screen resolution on each respective device – meaning your site will be accessible to more users than ever before.

  • How professional can I expect my web design to be?

    Each of the website templates found within 1&1 MyWebsite has been created by professional web designers to ensure that your website is at the very top of its game. However, this is only the beginning of your web design journey and your final web page design can be altered as much or as little as you wish – giving you the ultimate control over how users view and navigate your site. Whether you decide to use one of our free website templates or one of our premium website templates, 1&1 will make building a professional and attractive website as quick and as simple as possible. This is achieved through MyWebsite's range of powerful tools and utilities that allow you to integrate your logo and other branded elements to create an effective web presence for new and existing users.

    Alongside these features, 1&1 also offers regular updates and modern themes to ensure that your web page design is truly cutting edge. As your visitors grow, so too can your website – providing compelling content presented in a professional way both now and in the future.

  • Can I tailor my website templates to suit my particular industry?

    Ultimately, all of the web templates found within the 1&1 collection are extremely versatile and may be edited and customized in any way you see fit. However, our comprehensive selection also features a number of free website templates tailored specifically to your particular industry – whatever industry that may be. This will help you get a head start when it comes to building your perfect site and allow you to concentrate on keeping your users engaged with great content. Once you have selected one of our industry specific website templates, 1&1 will suggest a variety of complementary apps most suited to your needs. These include translation tools; newsletter tools; online chat options and a host of multimedia apps that will help you create a dynamic and engaging website design that your customers will return to again and again. If you require a little more inspiration, take a look at some of the great web design created by our satisfied customers. You’ll find a variety of websites sorted by industry; allowing you to see how you can make the 1&1 website templates work for you.

  • Can I edit my website design as fashion and trends change?

    As with all of the 1&1 website templates, you are free to edit and add content whenever necessary. Thanks to 1&1 MyWebsite, you are also free to change the entire layout of your website without altering your content or losing anything you may previously have added. This feature allows you to refresh your web design with newly developed website templates to ensure your site stays contemporary and modern as you build your user base. To keep users in the loop, your website design integrates seamlessly with social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. The 1&1 Social Media Center allows you to keep up with all of your social media portals in one place – giving you comprehensive control over your web presence and online marketing. Support for Foursquare and Google Maps is also available to further enhance your free website templates.

    Finally, 1&1 MyWebsite allows you to control the appearance and functionality of your website through a simple drag and drop interface. This means you can spend more time creating great content without getting caught up in complex website design – the perfect way to keep your users happy.

  • Does 1&1 offer free website templates?

    1&1 MyWebsite offers a broad range of free website templates so you can begin building your website with little initial outlay. What's more, all of our free website templates are designed by professional graphic designers and website experts to ensure that you don't have to compromise on quality or functionality. In addition to this, 1&1's website templates feature responsive design to provide fully optimized websites on both standard computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

    Whatever industry you do business in, you will find suitable web templates in 1&1’s comprehensive catalog. Each template is customizable with your own images and branded materials to help you create a truly personal web design that reflects your business or organization. Each of the color schemes found within the free website templates are also fully customizable, allowing you to test and review the optimal combination for your content and applications.

    With 1&1 MyWebsite, all of this is achievable by following a few simple steps – allowing you to really develop your website with advanced website design without the need to be an expert. Get started today on creating your own success story with 1&1.