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Wordpress themes with 1&1

Attractive WordPress themes for your 1&1 website

Wordpress themes - Easy installation and lot's of themes

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Easy installation of WordPress

1&1 enables you to blog by hosting WordPress on your website and offers the proper hosting packages to provide you with the adequate memory capacity and processing power needed for your WordPress blog. This enables you to integrate your own personal, business or ecommerce blog on your website. You can wasily install your WordPress blog with 1&1 externally or use the integrated 1&1 WordPress features for an easy installation, setup, simple integration of content and multimedia, customized templates, automatic back-up and updates, and post and comment moderation features. 1&1 makes it easy for you to install your own WordPress blog on your website!
customized wordpress themes

Tons of themes provided by WordPress

Besides the easy installation of your own WordPress Blog on your 1&1 website, you have the selection of many different themes to choose from. Depending on the purpose of your website, you will pick the appropriate theme accordingly. For a personal blog you can risk picking flashy and colorful themes to represent your personal style. Business and ecommerce website blog themes have to be selected a bit more carefully. You want the same look and feel for your blog that your website has. By picking a theme with a similar layout and color scheme, you can come as close as possible to resembling your website, if not make it look exactly the same. This builds a certain correlation and identification for your website visitors. You don’t want to have your website in a blue color scheme and your affiliated blog in red. This doesn’t look professional and is not recommended. Make your blog look alike and as professional as your website does by picking the appropriate theme provided to you by WordPress.

update your wordpress themes easily

Keeping your WordPress themes updated?

Change up the style of your blog once in a while. Adjusting the design of your blog with WordPress is just as easy as installing it and choosing a theme. Don’t get stuck in the same old routine. This will bore your customers and consumers. Alter your theme as easy as picking it for the first time. Changing your theme or design by choosing different colors, fonts, styles, layouts and more you show your customers that you keep your website fresh and updated!

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