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free wordpress themes for your professional website

WordPress themes for an attractive and professional website

If you think that a well-designed, easy-to-use website can only be created by a highly paid graphic designer, then perhaps you should think again. Thanks to a wealth of attractive and intelligent free WordPress themes, available both through the site and from 3rd party providers, designing your perfect website is easier than ever. Each of the 2,600 WordPress templates available give you the opportunity to determine the functionality and layout of your site while retaining elements of design that compliment your online web presence or brand. Additionally, many of these WordPress themes are free, helping you to build a fantastic site without spending a massive amount of cash.1&1 customers who take advantage of WordPress hosting also have the opportunity to save money when purchasing premium WordPress themes. TemplateMonster offers many unique and attractive WordPress templates with 20% discount for 1&1 customers – giving you even greater variety at a fantastic price. What's more, with the ability to create a new WordPress theme or modify an existing one with HTML and CSS, you can take your website to the next level – truly personalizing your customers' browsing experience.What else you might be interested in:
Functional WordPress themes and templates from 1&1

Functional WordPress themes for any application

Regardless of whether you are running a blog with a limited amount of traffic or a full blown eCommerce web shop, there are plenty of free WordPress templates for you to choose from. Whether you require detailed image galleries, eCommerce capabilities or just the ability to create posts that are easily archived; WordPress has something for you. Alongside this, many of the available WordPress themes make it simple for you to integrate your site with existing social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms.Once you have chosen a WordPress template suitable for your particular application, it's simple to bring the design in-line with any existing branding you may already have. Simply decide upon the fonts, colors and design that best suits your vision and you will have the basis of your new site in just a few clicks. However, the beauty of using WordPress themes to design your site lies in the fact that you can make it as simple or as complex as you desire; either with additional programming languages or the multi-column themes that allow much greater detail.

responsive wordpress themes for any device
Responsive Design

WordPress themes for any device

Ultimately, WordPress themes and templates are extremely versatile – allowing you to create the perfect site for your purpose. However, once you've designed your site template on your computer, you will find that the selection of free WordPress templates have another trick up their sleeves. With the advent of responsive design, your site will now look just as great on any mobile device as it does on your computer monitor. Responsive web design effectively detects what type of device the website will be displayed on, and adapts the dimensions and functionality to suit.Features such as infinite scrolling and touch-screen dedicated tiling allow for easy navigation with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and, thanks to 1&1's range of WordPress hosting packages, you never need to worry about data hungry sites or applications as, depending on your choice of package, you will have plenty of storage to spare. This means that, whatever type of website you wish to run, you will always enjoy the greatest performance and accessibility for your users.

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