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.com Domain offer for new customers

  • .com
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  • .org
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  • .store
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  • .online
    $4.99 1st year, then 4$39.99/yr
  • .co
    $6.99 1st year, then 5$39.99/yr
  • .club
    $0.99 1st year, then 6$14.99/yr
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1&1 Web Hosting

Next Level Hosting

  • Anytime scalability
  • Now with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.1
  • SSL certificate, DDoS protection and geo-redundancy included
starting at $0.99/month7

1&1 My Website

Set Yourself Apart, Create Your Own Website!

  • No experience necessary
  • For all industries: 20 million images, design and text templates
  • Domain included
starting at $0.99/month8

Microsoft Office 365

NEW: Be more productive with Microsoft Office

  • Everywhere you are: Use Office 365 locally or in the cloud
  • Whether on your PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • For up to 5 devices per user with just one license
starting at $6.99/month9

1&1 WP Hosting

Optimized packages for WordPress projects

  • EASY setup
  • Full SSD for storage and databases
  • NEW DDoS protection
starting at $0.99/month10

1&1 Cloud Servers

Experience the best in cloud

  • Managed option with your choice of stack
  • NEW: Plesk ONYX
  • Root access with over 100 Apps
  • Unlimited Traffic
starting at $9.99/month11

1&1 Servers

Powerful performance for every need

  • NEW: Plesk ONYX
  • Superior security
  • 24/7 expert support
  • 300 Gbit/s connectivity
starting at $4.99/month12

1&1 List Local

Be the answer to an online search

  • Get a professional listing for your business, in all the main online directories and navigation systems
  • Reap the rewards with customer reviews
  • Quick and easy central management
starting at $9.99/month13

1&1 Online Store

Sell successfully online

  • Simple layouts with professional design templates
  • Seamless ordering process with the most important methods of payment and delivery included
  • Connection to online marketplaces: eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and more
starting at $9.99/month14

Web Hosting

Powerful web hosting made easy and ultra fast. From$0.99 per month.

Website Builder

Launch your own successful website within minutes. From$0.99 per month.

Cloud Server

Setup in 55 seconds – scalable, fast and secure. From$9.99 per month.

WordPress Hosting

Easily design your own WordPress website. From$0.99 per month.

Microsoft Office 365

Work anywhere with Office 365, enhanced by 1&1. From$6.99 per month.

Email Address

Professional email that matches your domain. From$0.99 per month.

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  • MyWebsite Packages

    • MyWebsite
      starting at $0.99/month 8
  • Hosting

    • Hosting - Linux
      starting at $0.99/month 7
    • Hosting - Windows
      starting at $0.99/month 15
    • WordPress Hosting
      starting at $0.99/month 10
    • Managed Cloud Hosting
      starting at $9.99/month 16
  • Servers

    • Cloud Servers
      starting at $9.99/month 11
    • Dedicated Servers
      starting at $0/month 17
    • Virtual Server Cloud
      starting at $4.99/month 12
    • Bare Metal Server
      starting at $69.99/month 18
  • Domains

    • Domain Name Registration
      starting at $0.99/year 1
    • Domain Transfer
      Transfer your domain to 1&1
  • eCommerce

    • Online Store
      starting at $9.99/month 14
    • List Local
      starting at $9.99/month 13
  • Mail & Office Products

    • 1&1 Mail Basic
      starting at $0.99/month 19
    • Microsoft® Office 365
      starting at $6.99/month 9