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Absence Management

Streamline your
absence management
with just a few clicks

It shouldn't be a full-time job to organize time off for your employees! Let's simplify it with leave management software. It's so easy to stay organized; all of your employee data is well-structured and always available with just the push of a button. This is how an HR document management software should work.
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Simplify employee management with absence management software

Easy administration
Automated process
Full transparency
Using absence management software enables you to digitally receive, approve, and track requests for time off.

Once you receive an absence request, your approval via the absence management system is just a click away. Your employee then receives a corresponding notification just seconds later.

The leave management system gives you and your colleagues full transparency of all previous, current, and future absences.

Different categories
Always up to date
Available anywhere
With HR leave management software, you can even categorize absences in order to differentiate between vacation and illness, for example.

Vacation day summaries are always accessible: Absence management software digitizes everything.

The employee absence management software is available anywhere at any time. All relevant information is always available in one place, from your desktop, tablet, or even smartphone.
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Streamline your Leave Management System

Absence management software
Intuitive leave management
Benefits of leave management

Save time with a leave management system

Streamline your processes with an online leave management tool, used to track time off work for reasons such as sick days, vacation days, further training, special events, or various other custom time-off options. Regardless of the size of your company, the line of work you are in, or the amount of project teams in your organization, you are provided with a precise overview of all your employee absences. The days of handwritten vacation requests, complicated excel documents, and a paper trail of notes are well and truly over. By using a leave management system, both you and your company benefit from extreme organization without the hassle. The online tool helps companies manage paid time off (PTO), so there's no need to install software or seek IT support. By eliminating the time spent sorting through difficult paperwork, the leave management software saves time for both employees and employers alike. Additionally, the online tool provides team leaders with an overview of all holidays sorted via calendar, ensuring that all goals can be met on time and with adequate manpower.