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From .consulting to .construction and everything in between, 1&1 nTLDs cover all industries to make sure your domain is always relevant, professional, and memorable. In addition to our comprehensive range of market-specific domains, we also provide transaction-based domains such as .forsale, .sale , .buy and .bid that are ideal for larger eCommerce platforms with multiple-sellers.

Alternatively, perhaps you simply want to enhance your website with dedicated .business pages that increase the user-experience and help your customers navigate your site. Show everyone that you are a real professional with a .pro-Domain.

Whatever you need it for, 1&1 nTLDs are here to take you to the next phase of your business model.

Business Domains

  • What is the difference between a business nTLD and other types of domain?

    nTLD stands for new top-level domain. A TLD or top-level domain is the highest level in the domain name system. This can be found at the far right of the web address. The most popular TLD is .com, however there are other common TLDs such as .org (organization) and .net. As more and more websites are created, the number of available domains for .com has decreased dramatically. This has meant that a desired web address may be either expensive or simply unavailable. nTLDs were created to provide website owners with a range of market and country specific alternatives to traditional TLDs such as .com. nTLDs work just like TLDs, and are located in the same place. The difference is that there are many more options available with nTLDs, ranging from .news domain to .healthcare. Plus, there are new ones being created all the time, meaning that you are much more likely to find the ideal web address if you choose from the range of nTLDs available.
  • What are the advantages of choosing a business nTLD with 1&1?

    Operating a business nTLD offers website owners exciting opportunities and rewards. The first one is accessibility. Because the amount available is always increasing, with nTLDs it is more likely that you will be able to purchase your first choice of domain, helping to secure a memorable TLD that will make you stand out from your competitors online. The second is flexibility and control. For example, if you own an agency called Smart Marketing and is unavailable, you can use a .marketing domain to create as a professional alternative. Finally, nTLDs offer website owners increased opportunities for exposure online as well as an innovative way to engage with communities. This can take the form of brand definition or increasing your reach by connecting with users before they've entered your website.