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In the competitive world of eCommerce, getting your site noticed and attracting visitors is of the upmost importance to your website's success. Distinguish yourself from the crowd and put yourself ahead of the competition with a new .buy top-level-domain from 1&1. This is also a perfect option if you're looking to add or separate the eCommerce section of your existing website., are just two examples of the catchy .buy domains ready to be reserved at 1&1. Not sure whether .buy works for you? Then why not consider the other available domain options at 1&1? .store, .shop, .auction and .boutique are just a few of the hundreds of new top-level domains available to register with 1&1.
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While drawing as many people as possible to your eCommerce website is great, if you're attracting visitors that are not looking to make a purchase or are not interested in your particular stock, having them visit your page is not going to bring in money at the end of the day. The key to success here is to attract potential customers and people browsing who are likely, interested and willing to make a purchase with you. The best way to attract such visitors is to have a clear and self-explanatory URL, which gives an automatic indication to what they will find on your site. By registering a 1&1 .buy domain such as, and, you can be sure that those who have recognized what your site has to offer and proceed to visit, will be more likely to make a purchase.
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For a quick and simple purchase of your desired .buy domain, look no further than 1&1! Check in a matter of seconds if your preferred .buy domain can be ordered and in just a few simple clicks you will be well on your way to having secured the perfect domain for your eCommerce site. You'll be pleased to know that with 1&1 you have the freedom to reserve you domain ideas for free and without obligation, allowing you all the time you need to decide which domains you actually wish to register. Only upon registering will your chosen domains be charged. So why wait? Pre-reserve your domain ideas with 1&1 now!
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  • Why should I register a .buy domain?

    For any companies trying to secure the perfect .com URL for their website, chance would be a fine thing! Sought-after .com domains are not only very costly but also highly limited. With the release of the new .buy domains available to be registered, now comes your chance to secure the perfect .buy domain for your eCommerce website. With domains like, and still available, it is now your time to reserve a catchy and concise domains for a URL with a clear branding message for your site. What's more, when you reserve a domain with 1&1, you can be sure to protect your website from being snapped up by competitors or imitators looking to profit from your branding power.
  • What are alternatives to a .buy domain?

    If you are not sure about a .buy domain consider these alternatives:
    - .store
    - .forsale
    - .shop
    - .sale