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1&1's website editor is both user friendly and in-depth. Functions to edit any aspect of your site quickly and easily are always on hand, and are designed with accessibility and efficiency in mind. Updating the layout and content of your site couldn't be more simple thanks to the drag and drop feature of the editor, meaning you can focus on what really matters. Whether you're a seasoned pro or relatively new to web design, you'll find it a breeze to build your own website in just a few clicks.

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    "Thanks to our website, our product is sold throughout Italy and around the world."

    Gabriele Iori, Owner, Italy

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Cheap websites

  • Can a cheap website really be a good website?

    Absolutely—cheap doesn't mean low quality! We recognize that owners of businesses both large and small take the image and reputation of their enterprise very seriously, and rightly so, but also want their online solutions to be cost-effective. Therefore, the 1&1 cheap business websites are designed to be great value, but budget-friendly, for presenting your brand online.

    You have everything you need to make a great impression on your customers when using our website builder. The combination of templates and the website editor makes it easy to create a visually appealing site. In addition, responsive designs come as standard, so your site is automatically ready for mobile and tablet viewing. You can also access a very large array of web apps to cater for your every need, so no external purchases are necessary to improve the features and functionality your cheap business website. Even an email account is included within the package, so you really have all you need to make your website a success without breaking the bank.

  • Which business features are included in the cheap website?

    Our website packages come with a wealth of industry specific tools and features to give your business' site a professional edge. You will automatically have access to our library with millions of professional images, covering a broad variety of industries, from general office-based themes to more niche fields. This specificity really helps to establish the relevance of your business to customers' needs. Furthermore, there are hundreds of business-specific web apps to choose from, such as a blogging platform, interactive brochure, Facebook and Twitter, Dropbox, and a number of excellent CRM applications.
  • How can I target my local area with my cheap small business website?

    Because of how easy and affordable it is to set up a website with 1&1, even the smallest of local businesses like a café can benefit. The blog app, for instance, allows you to broadcast a very particular kind of message in order to target your audience. By blogging about topics related to your local area, you can strengthen your relevance to the region. Furthermore, this does wonders for your local SEO, meaning your cheap small business website will appear higher on search engine results pages when customers are searching for local services. Our business-orientated web apps are also perfect for placing your business firmly on the local map, with Google Maps, Foursquare, Yelp, and much more.
  • Is it possible to personalize my site to fit my business?

    Yes. Upon establishing your new affordable website you're given the choice of thousands of templates on which to base the design and structure of the site. These include neutral templates, fit for a variety of purposes, but also a large collection of templates to match a particular focus or application. A large ecommerce site, for example, will require a very different layout and approach to a personal blog or website for a law firm. Therefore our templates are categorized according to your individual needs, and further segmented by specific industries and fields, so you're sure to find what you're looking for. These templates also feature image and text suggestions to assist you when first creating your content. The best part is that they are completely customizable, meaning you are always in charge of your cheap business website.
  • My business is very small and I have a tight budget—is building a website still worth it for me?

    Certainly. These days, the internet is the primary method of research for many people, and therefore a strong online presence is advantageous for businesses of all sizes. As for cost, we appreciate that many businesses have many more costs to budget for, particularly brick and mortar stores. The good news is, we offer a range of packages to reflect the varying amount of money different businesses are able to invest, even for a cheap website. The best of both worlds—a tailor-made site that also fits your spending power—is now a reality.
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