1&1 Cloud Containers Beta Phase

Welcome to the 1&1 Cloud Containers beta phase! Manage your container cluster and run it on high-performance resources free of charge for a limited time.

  • Deploy a container cluster on 1&1 resources.
  • Get full support.
  • Join the intuitive UI and get started!

Join Us at JoomlaDay Germany 2017

1&1 will be in Königstein on September 22 and 23 for JoomlaDay Germany 2017, the premiere event for Joomla users and developers. Stop by our booth to learn more about Joomla and the 1&1 Cloud Server platform.

Don't miss our speaking slot, where 1&1's Markus Digmayer will be talking with Viktor Vogel from Plesk. We will be discussing the fantastic synergy between Joomla, the 1&1 Cloud Server platform, and Plesk.

Click here to read more about JoomlaDay Germany 2017.

Valuable Insights Gained at ContainerDays 2017 

ContainerDays was held June 20-21 in Hamburg, Germany. This gathering of the European container community is dedicated to containerization, microservices, and the next generation of distributed applications.

Read more about ContainerDays 2017 in our recap of the event.


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Improve Your Linux Server's Security in Three Easy Steps

After you have performed the basic security setup on a new 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux, it is considered "best practices" to install and configure a few essential security applications. Learn recommendations for three steps you can take to improve your Linux server's security. [...]  

Install and Use MySQL/MariaDB

Learn how to get started with the popular relational database MySQL/MariaDB. This quickstart guide will cover the installation of both, and an introduction to basic MySQL/MariaDB commands. [...]  

Basic Linux Server Security Measures

After creating a new 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux, there are several basic security measures which are recommended as "best practices." Learn what to do to lock down a brand new server, including installing Fail2Ban, securing the root SSH login, and more. [...]  

Use the ModSecurity Apache Module on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Ubuntu 16.04

ModSecurity is a free web application firewall (WAF) which is a simple, powerful way to protect a server against web-based malware and hacking attempts. Learn how to install ModSecurity and the officially-recommended OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS) which will protect a server against malware and hacking in the form of SQL injection, session hijacking, cross-site scripting, Trojans, and many other forms of web-based exploits. [...]  

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