1&1 Cloud Containers Beta Phase

Welcome to the 1&1 Cloud Containers beta phase! Manage your container cluster and run it on high-performance resources free of charge for a limited time.

  • Deploy a container cluster on 1&1 resources.
  • Get full support.
  • Join the intuitive UI and get started!

1&1 is happy to add SSH Key management for your Cloud Server

The new SSH Key Management feature on the 1&1 Cloud Panel gives customers the ability to manage SSH keys from their Cloud Panel with a few easy clicks. SSH keys are used to log in to a server, and are much more secure than a password.

SSH keys are a pair of files: a public key installed in the server, and a private key saved to your desktop computer. SSH keys are more secure than the standard "user name and password" authentication method because keys are much longer, and cannot be broken by a brute force attack.

1&1's new SSH Key Management lets you easily create and manage your SSH keys in the Cloud Panel. SSH Key Management has also been integrated into the process of creating a new server. Instead of pasting in the contents of the SSH key file manually, you can simply select the stored SSH key from a drop-down menu.

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