Get the 1&1 Cloud Server Go SDK

SDK version 1.1.0 Cloud API version 1.x

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The 1&1 Go SDK is a Go library designed for interaction with the 1&1 cloud platform over the REST API.

This guide contains instructions on getting started with the library and automating various management tasks available through the 1&1 Cloud Panel UI.

This SDK is a wrapper for the 1&1 REST API written in Go(lang). All operations against the API are performed over SSL and authenticated using your 1&1 token key. The Go library facilitates the access to the REST API either within an instance running on 1&1 platform or directly across the Internet from any HTTPS-enabled application.

For more information on the 1&1 Cloud Server SDK for Go, visit the Community Portal.

To view or contribute to this project, visit the GitHub repository.

Getting Started

Before you begin you will need to have signed up for a 1&1 account. The credentials you create during sign-up will be used to authenticate against the API.

Install the Go language tools. Find the install package and instructions on the official Go website. Make sure that you have set up the GOPATH environment variable properly, as indicated in the instructions.


The official Go library is available from the 1&1 GitHub account found here.

Use the following Go command to download oneandone-cloudserver-sdk-go to your configured GOPATH:

go get

Import the library in your Go code:

import ""


Set the authentication token and create the API client:

token := oneandone.SetToken("82ee732b8d47e451be5c6ad5b7b56c81")
api := oneandone.New(token, oneandone.BaseUrl)

Updated 7/7/2017


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