Upgrade PHP From 5.4 to 7.0 on a CentOS 7 1&1 Cloud Server

The default version of PHP available on a new 1&1 Cloud Server running CentOS 7 is version 5.4. Learn how to upgrade this to PHP 7.0. You will need to perform the upgrade by hand, since PHP 7 is not available in the standard CentOS 7 `yum` repository, because it is not considered stable. [...]  

Use Kubectl to Manage a CaaS Cluster

Learn how to install and use Kubectl on a Linux machine in order to manage a CaaS cluster. Kubectl is a command-line tool for deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes. [...]  

Set up Email on a 1&1 Cloud Server With Plesk

For any 1&1 Cloud Server with Plesk, applications like email should always be installed and managed through the Plesk interface. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn how to set up email services on a Plesk server. [...]  

Use Fail2Ban on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux

Learn how to implement Fail2Ban on a Cloud Server with Linux. Fail2Ban is an IP address banning system which can protect a server from brute force attacks. Fail2Ban monitors the server's logs for suspicious activity, and watches for repeated login attempts during a short time interval. [...]  

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