Set Up Ansible on Ubuntu 16.04

Ansible is a configuration management system designed to make the process of configuring servers as quick and painless as possible. Although Ansible does not offer the power or flexibility of tools like Chef or Puppet, many system administrators simply don't need or want that level of complexity. Ansible is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to deploy. [...]  

Ansible Use Case: Automate System Configuration

First released in 2012, Ansible has developed a reputation as a lightweight, nimble counterpart to other more mature tools. Ansible is designed to be easy to learn, and fast to use. Unlike other configuration management tools, Ansible does not require you to install a client on every server to be managed, and it can be run through the command line for simple tasks. This use case covers using Ansible to deploy and configure an application. [...]  

Automate Deploying a PHP App Using Ansible on Ubuntu 16.04

Ansible is an excellent tool for system administrators who find themselves performing the same tasks over and over. This tutorial will walk through the process of using Ansible to deploy a basic PHP app to a target server. [...]  

Create Ansible Playbooks

Learn how to create Ansible playbooks to automate system configuration. Ansible is a useful, easy-to-use configuration management system for organizing and automating system administration tasks across multiple servers. Ansible playbooks are automated scripts which allow you to specify a complex set of configurations without having to issue a long series of Ansible commands. [...]