Video Tutorial: Portable Development in the 1&1 Cloud with Eclipse Che and Bitnami

For those who were not able to take part in the webinar, the free video tutorial is now available.

Bitnami is dedicated to making software development easier. To that end, they have hosted a video tutorial featuring the new Eclipse Che Cloud IDE.
Eclipse Che uses containerized workspaces to make the job of agile software development easier. The video tutorial also showcases Eclipse Che on the 1&1 Cloud platform.
The demo and Q&A covers the benefits of using Eclipse Che's containerized workspaces, which let developers work on projects without the hassle of installing software, and how to get the most out of Eclipse Che's portable, lightweight workspace.
The video tutorial also discusses why 1&1's excellent pricing and easy UI make it a good fit for Bitnami and Eclipse Che, and how Bitnami's commitment to making software easy to use can improve your open source workflow.

About the Hosts

The webinar was hosted by:
  • David Dennis, VP of Marketing, Bitnami
  • Brad Micklea, Chief Operations Officer, Codenvy
  • David Endres, Commercial Product Manager, Server for 1&1 Cloud Platform
More videos coming soon!