Image courtesy DockerCon

1&1 CaaS Beta Debuted at DockerCon 2017

The fourth annual DockerCon is a sold out event, held in Austin, Texas. 1&1 sponsored the event, which takes place April 17-20 and includes talks, demonstrations, and a vibrant expo hall dedicated to the thriving Docker ecosystem.

StackPointCloud Inc. CEO Matt Baldwin gave a popular talk on how working with 1&1 can let users experience a turn-key container orchestration solution with Kubernetes. This innovative new system lets developers spend less time building and maintaining Kubernetes clusters, and more time working on their core projects.

We are excited to debut 1&1 Cloud Containers at the event. This container-based solution delivers the orchestration, flexibility, and computing resources of container computing as a service from 1&1. Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a container-based virtualization which is highly scalable and built on a modern, high-performance platform.

Using 1&1 Cloud Containers, you can deploy a Kubernetes cluster on 1&1 resources in 3 steps, using either a web interface or an API. DockerCon attendees can meet 1&1 in person. Come ask questions about this new innovation, and learn how to join the Beta for free!