Monitoring Use Case: Custom Alerts

Learn how to leverage the 1&1 Cloud Panel Monitoring Policy to suit your needs, including how to set custom alert levels, manage alert notification methods, and choose the monitoring method which is best suited to your needs. [...]  

Block Storage Use Case: Database Storage

Learn how 1&1 Block Storage can be integrated with a database solution to extend an application, increase performance, and provide a fail-safe in case of server issues. Block Storage is an easy way to add fast, efficient storage space to a Cloud Server. Block Storage is managed like a hard drive. You can easily resize a Block Storage volume, remove it, or assign it to a different Cloud Server. [...]  

Cloud Server Use Case: Software Development and Testing

The 1&1 Cloud Server platform provides quick deployment of servers with flexible configuration options, which makes it ideal for software dvelopment. In this use case we will explore how the 1&1 Cloud Platform can be a valuable tool for a software development and testing project with members working from multiple remote locations. [...]  

Cloud Server Use Case: Seasonal Capacity

The 1&1 Cloud Server platform is an excellent choice for websites and applications which need to scale in order to accommodate seasonal traffic. In this use case we will discuss how a user with a seasonal website can use 1&1 Cloud Servers to their advantage. [...]  

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