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Cloud Providers with Maximum Flexibility
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Cloud Providers with Maximum Flexibility

As your cloud providers, 1&1 combines cloud servers with the advantage of dedicated resources, high flexibility and security. In this digital data-cloud, you use custom-made server resources for your project and pay only for the actual capacity you need. You benefit from free-of-charge, unlimited traffic without restrictions, plus the performance and capacity suited to your needs. As flexible cloud providers, we believe our services reflect the optimal concept of cloud computing. As an administrator, you will have full control over the management of your resources. You can choose how many resources you need: number of CPUs (vCore), memory capacity, and hard drive (SSD Drive). 1&1 gives you the flexibility to adapt the start-configuration of your cloud server at any time. Your service package already includes the foundations to build your own programming language and databases, create private networks and IP addresses, load balancer, plus a range of popular OpenSource applications – all available for installation in just a few clicks. Our goal is to be your preferred cloud providers that always adapt to your requirements.
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Superior Protection

Comprehensive security concepts from cloud providers 1&1

As cloud providers, we give you access to datacenters that are among the safest in the country. Even with high traffic, we continue to deliver excellent performance and connection times due to our very fast and abundant external connections. This is made possible by our faultless server architecture. Our cloud server is based on the most modern server hardware, with multiple components that are always available. As with all technical systems, it is possible for certain components to become impaired or stop working, but as reliable cloud providers, we guarantee that we always have replacement parts in place that can take over functions from defective components. Your data is safe in our modern datacenters. 1&1's central firewall management center and many more security features protect your cloud from attacks. Our security information and event management (SIEM) system constantly scans your server for weaknesses and alerts us, in case any are present. Likewise, as part of our standard service, you benefit from server snapshots – images of your virtual software machines that can be recovered at any time and merged with your current settings. With professional cloud providers 1&1, you enjoy individualized backup solutions and server images. We ensure the security of your data with regular and automatic check-ups, install server snapshots and, in case it is needed, new servers and components.

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Total Control

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With 1&1 as your cloud providers, you get clear billing statements and are charged by the minute –meaning only for the resources you need and use. There are no surprise costs. If your project grows, then you can easily adapt your server capacity to meet your new computing demands. It's simple to make changes to your cloud settings with our Cloud Panel, featuring Smart Administration. Here, you can change your hardware settings – such as CPUs, RAM, SSD-Drives – as well as your server settings; for example, load balancing, snapshot, backup and much more. Which is what makes 1&1 such a reliable cloud provider. We also provide competent guidance on how your project can develop; as always, we adapt our service to match. You decide on what equipment and server settings you need to run your cloud. The server management app Parallels® Plesk helps you manage your cloud and is included in every 1&1 package. With this app, you can install user-accounts, domains and email addresses with ease. Additionally, 1&1's transparent billing system is a top priority for us as highly flexible cloud providers. Because we use to-the-minute billing, you will only ever be charged for the exact resources you use and the server configurations you want. Our billing tool gives you an overview of all of your costs in a way that is easy to understand. Try us out as your cloud providers for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back – guaranteed!

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