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1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager
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  • Convenient tool for easily creating e-mail newsletters
  • Manage e-mail addresses and a variety of shipping options

Make satisfied customers repeat customers

Newsletters are a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.

The setup wizard makes it easy
  • Ideal layout templates allow you to quickly create a professional newsletter.
  • With user-friendly e-mail address management, you can easily create individual customer groups and import existing e-mail addresses.
  • Centrally define general information such as contacts, sender address, registration confirmations, and welcome e-mails.
  • Clear and concise reports help you analyze the success of each campaign.

Layout templates
Layout templates
Create your newsletter by choosing from a variety of optimized layout templates. All templates are easily editable via drag & drop functionality.

If you want to address your customers more individually, there are plenty of personalization options available to you.

When an email is sent, the respective placeholders will automatically fill in with the corresponding contact information.

Image archive
Image archive
Upload your own images and company logo to the 1&1 Newsletter Tool's image library so you can quickly and easily integrate them into all your newsletters.
Test e-mails
Test e-mails
Be sure the layout, content and personalization within the emails looks the way you want it to by sending test e-mails to up to five different e-mail addresses.

These test e-mails will help you ensure that there are no errors prior to the official dispatch of your newsletter campaign.

Registration forms
Registration forms
Create and integrate a registration form for your website so customers can sign up to receive your e-mail newsletters.

Their information will be directly aggregated into the 1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager.

E-mail address management
and imports
E-mail address management
and imports
Do you already have some of your customers on a digital contact list? Implement them into the 1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager!

It's easy to import contacts from popular email programs like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and more.

The tool also supports standard formats like CSV and vCard.
Performance analysis
Performance analysis
The 1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager includes sophisticated analytical tools that make it easy to track every e-mail's performance.

You'll be able to see how many customers opened your e-mail, how much time they spent reading the e-mail, how many people clicked-through to your website, and more.

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Patrick Schaudel1&1 eBusiness Expert
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic:

How to create a newsletter

  • What is the purpose of newsletter marketing?

    Whether your business is bricks-and-mortar or online only, advertising is an essential promotional resource. It comprises one of the most effective methods for directly targeting and addressing potential customers. Newsletter marketing is one of the most direct communication channels you can choose for mass customer contact. It can be geared towards a specific target group and, above all, it capitalizes on existing customers. When you create a newsletter, you can ensure that you and your business stick in people's minds. Inform your customers of new products and special occasions. You can also use newsletter software to introduce your offers to new prospective customers. Unlike the increasingly aggressive banner ad, the newsletter's charm lies in its cooperative marketing style: you can only send a newsletter with the customer's consent and is only read voluntarily. You must therefore compose the content accordingly so that it captures their attention and doesn't end up unread in the trashcan.
  • What are some tips on how to create a good newsletter?

    Create a newsletter with a catchy subject line or an exciting opener which piques the reader's curiosity and compels them to read on. Address your target group directly and pay attention to the tone. What age is your target group? Should the text sound formal, or can it be a bit more casual? Write in short, concise sentences. Try to put yourself in the reader's shoes. Imagine what kind of email marketing you personally would be interested in receiving. Useful information such as practical tips or information regarding promotions and offers provides more reader value than flat advertising slogans. Provide your customers with a newsletter which is enriching to read – be it through worthwhile background information regarding your products, or through personalized offers. In addition, use the visual appeal of relevant images and learn how to create a newsletter template that is eye-catching. Space the text out so that it's easy to read. In this respect, good newsletter content is no different from that of a good website.
  • How often can I send my newsletter, and to whom?

    Newsletter marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers. However, do not send your newsletter out too often; otherwise certain customers will view you in a negative light. The right amount depends on your business model. A daily newsletter is, however, not advisable.

    To protect against misuse, email marketing is subject to legal restrictions which you should be aware of: newsletters can only be sent to customers who have previously given their consent to receive such emails (the so-called double opt-in process). This can be given by placing a tick in the relevant box, or, for example, by entering an email address into a designated field on the website. You can easily set up the necessary subscription box using the Newsletter Tool.
  • How can a Newsletter Tool help to create a professional newsletter?

    With the Newsletter Tool, you can compose different emails according to target group, customer type or season. The various newsletters are sent directly from the tool. The main advantage: you can centrally manage your entire contact list. In addition, mailing can be set according to time. In the emails that are sent, customers are automatically greeted by name or title. The functionality of the tool is topped off by the statistics function. Here you can measure the success of your newsletter campaign and see exactly what percentage of the emails were read.

    What makes our offer unique is that you don't need newsletter software. 1&1 hosting along with the MyWebsite package already contains the 1&1 Email Marketing Manager, just in a simpler form. As you don't need to install any software, it can be used online from anywhere. Alternatively, users of a hosting or MyWebsite package can also order the Newsletter Tool at a later date. The package includes your own domain name as well as your own individual email address, which you can also use for the 1&1 Email Marketing Manager.
  • What prior technical knowledge do I need in order to use the Newsletter Tool?

    None. Our software to create newsletters is so user-friendly that installing and using it requires no prior technical know-how. To make a newsletter, use the simple drag & drop technique, whereby you can easily insert images and text blocks. So, using this modular design, you can create a professional newsletter in a flash. Of course, it also comes with more detailed step-by-step instructions. This requires no prior knowledge in newsletter marketing. The most important thing is that you know your target group, and know how to create a newsletter containing the tone and content that is most likely to engage them.