Managing your domains

Included domains

Did you know that some 1&1 hosting plans include at least 1 domain at no additional cost? Use your included domains however you choose – register new domains or transfer existing ones.

Best of all, we won’t charge you a penny for your included domains for as long as you have your shared hosting package with us.

See for yourself...

Hosting Plan Type# of Included Domains
1&1 Unlimited1

Included domain names

The types of domains included with our web hosting packages are .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz . Select the domain type of your choice. Other domain types may be ordered for an additional fee.

How do I order domains?

To register, transfer or add additional domains to your hosting plan, just log in to your Control Panel at any time and click 'Add on a Domain'. It's that simple!

1&1 lets you register unlimited domains at the same low price. Plus, you don’t have to order anything additional to take advantage of these low rates!

.caSpecial Offer:
$ 9.99 first year3

then $ 14.99
For individuals and companies in Canada
.us$ 14.99 per year3For individuals and companies in the United States of America
.comSpecial Offer:
$ 0.00 first year2,3,4

then $ 14.99
Normally used for a company with international contacts
.netSpecial Offer:
$ 8.99 first year2,3,4

then $ 14.99
Network. Normally used for a company with international contacts
.orgSpecial Offer:
$ 2.99 first year2,3

then $ 14.99
Organization. Normally used for a company with international contacts
.infoSpecial Offer:
$ 0.99 first year2,3,4

then $ 14.99
Normally used for informational websites
.bizSpecial Offer:
$ NaN first year3

then $ 14.99
Normally used for e-commerce websites
.name$ 14.99 per yearNormally used as personal domain
.ws$ 14.99 per yearOriginally reserved for Samoa, now used for websites
.mobi$ 19.99 per year3Optimized for mobile phones, PDAs or similar devices
.cc$ 19.99 per yearOriginally reserved for Cocos Islands, now used for commercial campaigns
.tv$ 29.99 per yearOriginally reserved for Tuvalu, now used for television, media and entertainment
.coSpecial Offer:
$ 9.99 first year2,3

then $ 29.99
Originally reserved for Colombia, now used for companies and businesses$ 29.99 per yearIdeal for any entity with commercial activities
.mx$ 49.99 per year2Ideal for private and commercial activities

Included features

  • Private domain registration
  • Starter WebsiteBuilder
  • Search engine tools
  • 1 GB mailbox
  • Domain forwarding
  • Parking Page
  • DNS Management for full control over your domain, including your choice of name server as well as the ability to change IP address and select a mailserver
  • URL Masking and unlimited e-mail forwarding
  • Domain access with and without "www" makes it even easier for people to reach your site
  • Compatibility with IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) allows ä, ö and ü in your domain name (except .us and .name domains)
  • Easy management through the Control Panel
  • 24/7 Support by phone and e-mail

1 Please note: Each domain has a minimum registration period of 1 year and will be charged for this period in advance.

2 Offers valid for a limited time only. Setup fee, minimum contract term, and other terms and conditions may apply.
Click here for full promotional offer details.

3 A terminated domain is passed by the person responsible for the contract for final cancellation and release in our deletion process. This deletion process lasts 30 days. During this period you have the possibility to re-register the domain for a fee. The fee for re-registering a domain that is in the deletion process is $40.

4 .com domains will renew at $14.99 starting July 1st, 2013.