How to make money blogging: part two

Many bloggers aren’t too confident with the ins and outs of cooperating with advertising companies and allowing sponsored posts on their blogs. It’s normal to expect a little something back from all the time and effort you’ve invested in your blog. In part one you read about the basics of making money by blogging, but there are alternatives to advertisements and sponsored content, meaning you don’t have to question your integrity. [...]  

Google alternatives that you should know

While Google is comfortably the number 1 search engine worldwide, numerous companies and charitable organizations offer an alternative. These competitors are undoubtedly outsiders, but they each present interesting approaches and innovative business models – with some focused on privacy and kids’ safety online and others using ad revenue for worthy, charitable causes. With more and more concerns about the power of Google and invasions of privacy by the big search engines, users are turning to lesser-known Google alternatives. Website operators must take these alternatives seriously. [...]  

Alternatives to Google

Do you still use Google? Or do you prefer to search anonymously? In light of the data protection scandals in recent years, more and more users are turning their back on the leading search engine provider and opting for anonymous search engines. These alternatives to Google, which protect the privacy of the user, are growing more important by the day. So, website operators should keep their options open in the world of search engines. [...]  

What is the ROPO effect?

E-commerce has been booming for years now, and nowadays, even everyday items like groceries are ordered online. A threat to brick-and-mortar locations? Not necessarily: the ROPO effect shows that local retailers also have the possibility to take advantage of the marketing power of the internet. This is due to the fact that many customers do their research online and the make their final purchase offline (‘research online—purchase offline’). This can only work if local merchants optimized their web presences. [...]  

What is RankBrain?

Google is the search engine of choice for an overwhelming majority of internet users around the world. Around 3 billion user requests are answered each day by the market leader. This is partially thanks to a self-learning AI system known as RankBrain. Normally, Google lays low when it comes to revealing its search algorithms but this time the company has been quite open. We explain how RankBrain works. [...]  

What is conversion rate optimization?

Successful SEO measures help land you a spot in the top ranking positions of the search engine results pages (SERPS) and increase the influx of visitors to your site. But what happens when only a few visitors are actually buying your products or subscribing to your newsletters? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) analyzes websites and order processes and helps identify weak spots throughout the customer journey. [...]  

What is good web usability?

When building and designing a website, there are numerous points to consider: technical implementation, design, suitable content, and of course, the marketing aspects. All these aspects should have one goal: to optimize website usability. Websites need to be user-friendly in order to be ranked higher by Google and to contribute to the company’s success. If you bear this in mind when designing your website, you’re on your way to being successful in online business. [...]  

Google Analytics: improving your web project

Website operators pull out all the stops to try and guide visitors to their web presences, through advertisements, links, or simply high-quality content. To measure the impact of different measures, Google Analytics tracks the behavior of site visitors and sums it up in detailed statistics. But how does Google do this and how can this be useful for your site? [...]  

Google Translate Alternatives

These days dealing and engaging with foreign languages is easier, quicker, and more direct than ever. Whether you’re at work or on holiday, numerous language tools and smartphone apps can help with the translation of difficult words, sentences, and online texts. Google Translate and alternative translation websites offer comprehensive tools that easily enable us to understand other languages. Across the internet there are many free applications for a variety of contexts, and with the help of flexible language choice, suitable synonyms, helpful example sentences, and basic spell check, all succeed in making interacting with other languages that much easier. [...]  

Optimizing multilingual websites for search engines

If you want your website to gain ground on the international stage, it’s crucial to be able to offer your content in a range of languages. But it takes more than just a good translation to keep all the versions of your site at the top of the search engine results pages. Without adequate SEO measures, your multilingual websites can quickly fall short of the mark. [...]