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Transfer your domain in just 3 steps

1. Prepare your domain for the move

Request an authorization code from your current provider and make sure that you have access to the specified e-mail address.

2. Transfer the domain

Enter the domain name you would like to transfer in the domain checker above, then enter your authorization code and follow the instructions.

3. Enjoy the benefits of 1&1

Manage all of your domains in our user friendly control panel and connect domains to your websites quickly and easily.

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Domain Transfer

  • Why should I consider a domain transfer ?

    In today’s world, a successful business requires a strong presence online. With so many consumers not only buying but also browsing, researching and exploring the web, having an attractive, engaging and practical website is essential for success. Therefore, if you are not fully satisfied with your domain provider, it is vital that you transfer your domain to a provider that better suits your needs. Which domain provider you have has a huge effect on the management and overall success of your site. The features offered and the quality of those features will greatly vary from provider to provider; therefore, it is important for you to assess which tools are necessary for your site. In addition to this, the level of service and the price of packages differs between providers. Businesses and individuals continue to opt for a 1&1 domain due to the competitive prices that we offer. Without losing out on either the level of service or the quality of our features, when you transfer your domain to 1&1 you will be taking advantage of some of the best rates on the market. If your website is not a business domain but a personal site, we would still urge you to transfer your domain to 1&1. Our extensive selection of tools and features on offer are applicable to personal sites as much as they are to businesses. We can help you market your 1&1 domain on the web, heighten its exposure and ensure it is as engaging and sophisticated as possible.

  • How can I transfer my domain to 1&1?

    Transferring your domain name to 1&1 is a straightforward process. In order to start, the current domain owner will need to fill out a Form of Authorization. We will contact the current registered domain owner by email in order to transfer the domain. If you are the owner then you have to follow the link enclosed in order to accept or refuse the domain transfer. Next you will need to contact the company where your domain name is registered stating your intention to transfer your domain name. You will then need to obtain the Authorization Code. This is essentially an identification code between 6 and 32 digits long used to protect domains against fraudsters. You will need this to prove that you own the domain name. Your current provider will send you the authorisation code —and disable Transfer Lock if applicable. Following this, log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select “Transfer domain from another provider”. From this point you will be able to follow a series of steps (make sure you have your Authorization Code ready). Once you’ve clicked “Order now” we’ll start the transfer process right away. Finally, before beginning your domain transfer it’s important to ensure you’ve backed up all your website files, databases, e-mail accounts, and made a note of any DNS settings.

  • Why should I consider a 1&1 domain ?

    1&1 is a leading European hosting provider working with top businesses and individual enterprises across the globe. With top security and first-class customer care, companies and individuals continue to transfer their domains to us and are satisfied with the results. Once you transfer your domain name to 1&1 you will have access to the wide variety of tools and features that come with our various packages. Because we have such a wide variety of packages, when you complete the domain transfer you can find the one that works best for you and your site. Your 1&1 domain will come with a control panel feature, regardless of which package you opt for. This allows you to view and edit your site with all the features and settings at your fingertips. If in the future you decide to transfer another domain name to 1&1, you can view and edit the new domain at the same place. Your 1&1 Control Panel helps you keep an overview of your domain or domains and allows you to manage and co-ordinate them with minimal fuss. If you would like to create a brand new 1&1 domain we can of course also help you with that. Besides the control panel tool we have an array of other features that can assist you in building an attractive and engaging site from scratch.

  • Why should I transfer my domain to 1&1?

    A domain name is only as good as its website. Nowadays, more than ever, having an engaging platform that represents your domain name is essential. That is why it is important to find a provider that goes the extra mile, and that’s why more and more people are choosing a domain transfer to 1&1. Businesses and professionals from all walks turn to 1&1 for the increased security, powerful tools, usability and price. This is because all of our customers, regardless of which 1&1 package they choose, gain access to the 1&1 Control Panel with its intuitive Click&Build functions that make creating a professional, unique website a breeze. From here you can edit and build your website using a host of smart tools and clever features; so you can grow your website as your business grows. What’s more, we make it easy for you to do so. In fact, a domain name transfer to 1&1 takes just a few clicks and you can even manage multiple domains using a single interface.

  • How long does it take to transfer my domain to 1&1?

    The process of transferring your domain name to 1&1 is very quick. Once you have all the necessary information, such as the Form of Authorization and Authorization Code, you are ready to begin. Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and follow these 4 simple steps. Click “Transfer domain from another provider” and enter the domain name you wish to transfer. Then enter the Authorization Code and select “Move domain”. Next review the transaction and click “Continue”. Finally, read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and continue to checkout. We’ll affect the transfer of your domain name immediately. This can take up to 5 calendar days. It’s important to note that during a domain transfer DNS information can change, which may add between 24-48 hours to this process. If at any point you want to know the status of your domain transfer, you can contact our dedicated team of specialists for support by phone or email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

  • What will happen to my current SERP ranking when I transfer my domain?

    Since your actual domain name isn’t changing, as long as you follow the steps below, you should not have to worry about losing SEO authority after the domain transfer. 1&1 makes the domain transfer process as quick and easy as possible; however, the domain transfer time can take several days for all of the changes to be processed (usually 2-7 business days). It is best to sign up for your new hosting account first and hold off canceling your previous one until your domain transfer has been successfully completed.

    If you are also planning to transfer domain registration information to 1&1, you should notify the registrar. If you are switching to a new host, but the registration of your domain name remains with a third party, then you will need to provide updated registration information with the server info of the new hosting service.

    Once your site is up and running on your new hosting plan, you will receive an IP address through which to access your site and make any necessary changes. Take the backup files that you prepared and recreate your original site on your new hosting service.

  • Will I get special domain transfer deals when I transfer my domain registration?

    Absolutely! 1&1 always offers low pricing for new customers. When you transfer a domain from GoDaddy or transfer a domain from Network Solutions, you will not only benefit from cost saving, but also save yourself some time. Our all-inclusive hosting packages take care of all of your needs, so everything can be managed from one convenient and efficient location. Moreover, we offer comprehensive packages to our clients at some of the most reasonable prices in the industry. Along with being able to host multiple domains - should you have a desire to do so - you will also receive incredibly fast service through our SSD database, along with unlimited web space and various dynamic resources. Our professional web hosting packages ensure that when you transfer your domain to 1&1 you are getting the absolute best value for your investment.

  • Can I transfer .com domains to 1&1?

    When transferring your domain to 1&1, the domain extension is irrelevant: transferring a .com domain, a .net domain, a .org domain, or any nTLDs or ccTLDs is possible. Moreover, the .com domain transfer process is the same for any gTLD. In order for your .com domain transfer to be effected, you first need to contact your current domain registrar to inform them of your .com domain transfer and obtain an authorization code. Once you have this, you can easily follow domain transfer steps in your 1&1 Control Panel.

    Of course, along with your .com domain transfer, if you also decide that you would like to create and register any new domains with 1&1, that is always possible and we are happy to help. All 1&1 hosting packages are accompanied by one free domain. However, you can also manage and host multiple domains within one package. At 1&1 we understand the desire to secure multiple domain names in order to keep your brand name out of the hands of possible competition, this may mean registering a .us domain, or any other variant on the .com domain that you are transferring. This is straightforward, just enter your current domain name into the domain checker and 1&1 will automatically generate a list of alternate domain extensions that are still available. You can then choose which ones you would like to register along with your .com domain transfer.