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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Ecommerce Software

  • What online store software is available with 1&1?

    There are several options available to our customers when choosing online store software, included in this are hosting apps like Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart and PrestaShop. For more information on each one, read the list below:

    Magento is the world's leading eCommerce solution. An open source, cloud-based digital commerce platform with a suite of powerful and flexible tools and features, Magento has been designed to boost revenue and streamline operations.

    osCommerce is one of the fastest growing platforms for selling products and services online. With over 7,000 add-ons, osCommerce has been used to create hundreds of thousands of successful online stores around the world.

    Zen Cart is an open source shopping cart software. Simple and reliable, Zen Cart can be easily integrated with your existing system and payment gateway.

    PrestaShop is a leading open source eCommerce solution. Used by 250,000 online shops around the world and available in over 60 different languages, PrestaShop brings a comprehensive range of solutions for managing product listings, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • What options are available for the reading/processing of product data from Excel lists etc.?

    If you want to bulk upload eStore products from an excel document, or other type of tabulated file, you will need to use a comma separated values file (CSV or .csv) import. CSV files are text files that represent tabulated data - included in the list of programs that use this format are Excel and Microsoft, though it's supported by most major text software. Because CSV is considered the easiest and most widely-accepted eCommerce solution for importing data, 1&1 does not support ERP connection.

    Importing data in CSV format is simple, and can be done via the 1&1 website. All you have to do is select the file from your hard drive, choose which table sections you wish to upload, and then click the import button. However, it's important to remember that all fields must be separated by commas, and that the header row should not contain any punctuation except the commas separating each column.
  • Do I need any special hardware to run eCommerce software?

    Simply put: no. One of the great things about choosing 1&1 is that we provide a software as a service (SaaS) solution to all of our customers. This is sometimes referred to as on-demand software and it means our customers gain access to a range of products and services without needing to invest in expensive hardware. In addition to requiring no special hardware, SaaS means easier administration, automatic updates and patches, as well as global accessibility - making it one of the most practical eCommerce solutions for online business owners. Plus, if you have questions, you can contact 1&1's team of dedicated experts 24 hours 7 days week and a trained member of staff will be on hand to help. All you need is a good internet connection, and you can benefit from the many great features available with our service, wherever you are.