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Ecommerce and website performance

What features are the most important for an ecommerce website?

  • Essential features for your website’s performance
  • Choosing the right domain name is the first step towards a successful website.
  • Create a perfect layout for your ecommerce website and design a simple purchasing path for your customer
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Most important features for your ecommerce website

The right domain for your ecommerce website

The right domain for your ecommerce website

Choosing the domain name for your ecommerce business is equally as important as choosing the brand name of your business, often they will be the same. The domain name identifies your web property just like the name of your business does. Important is also picking the right domain extension such as “.com", “.org", “.net" etc. Having a Top Level Domain (TLD) as “.com" is very advantageous. Many consumers will automatically associate and type your brand name with “.com" in the URL address bar. This is why most ecommerce businesses prefer the “.com" extension to prevent such misleading searches.
Professional layouts for ecommerce pages

The perfect layout for your online ecommerce shop

There are various marketing concepts that have to be considered in order to create a perfect layout for your online ecommerce shop. The attributes of your online ecommerce shop should be simplicity, speed, usability, proper product presentation, and an easy checkout. A perfect layout has a simple purchasing path for your customer. First you need a website that is easy to navigate and loads quickly. This sets the foundation for your online shop. An excessively designed website that is slow and through which costumers can't navigate is annoying and results in them leaving your online shop. 1&1 enables you to choose your own design with the “Easy Setup" feature. Furthermore, by allowing your customers to view 360-degree high-resolution images of your product gives them a real life feel. After choosing a product, the checkout must be easy for the customer. The 1&1 integrated “Payment and Shipping" feature for ecommerce websites enables you to set up an effective payment and shipping system for your online shop. Using a step-by-step checkout procedure will ensure that your customer completes his purchase.

Proper information for your customer on your online shop website

The proper information for your ecommerce website

Providing the proper information for your customer on your online shop website is essential for excellent customer satisfaction. Having a clear and remarkable logo is a perfect start for establishing a feeling of reassurance and trust with your customer base. Offering deals in the form of sales, freebies, and free shipping sparks the interest of your customers and influence them to purchase your products. Allowing your website visitors to see the payment option icons in advance, just like seeing die VISA or Mastercard icons at regular stores, clearly lets the customer know if they are able to shop on your website or not. Give your online shop recognition and associate your brand through online social media link and Trustmaks. Displaying Trustmarks shows your customers that your online shop is secure and safe to shop in. Showing your customers how your product is linked in social communities such as Facebook, Twitter and such will only influence customers to visit and eventually shop on your ecommerce website.

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