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How to edit texts and images on your homepage

Editing Texts and images for your website?

  • Website Builder provides flexible and easy to use interface for editing, changing and adding texts on your website
  • The 1&1 tool has many other features that allow you to easily modify texts, font and images on your website
  • Edit your texts and images with 1&1 Website Builder
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Text editing made easy

Text Editing made very easy

If you are running your own personal website, there may come a time when you decide to change the introduction texts, your resume or your images. Things get a little bit complicated if someone else built your website, and you find yourself in a no man's land facing your monitor not knowing what to do. However, by using 1&1 website builder, most of these worries are eliminated from the start. Changing, editing as well as formatting your website's texts is easy. No matter which topic your website is about, you have all the predefined texts that come with the website builder. Now, you can easily modify these by adding your own content and you can also copy large bodies of text from word document, HTML document, etc. All you need to do is to click on paste from word box and copy your text in a pop-up window (Just use CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste any text into the window). Once the text is in the Pop Window, click on insert, and your text will be made available on the page. Depending on the necessity, you might want to format the font of your heading, adding some keywords or phrases in bold, or even numerating different points or using these as bullets. With the flexible website builder of 1&1 you can do these and many more such as alignment, numbering, indenting your texts.
How to edit images on your website?

From Text to Image Editing

When you order your package, images which best fit your topic are including in your package. Assuming you are a fan of gardening, by selecting the garden theme, you will find corresponding images which fit this specific topic. You can change the images and use yours instead. To modify existing images, just click on the image you want to replace. Upon clicking on the image an edit box will open up. Simply click on Upload image. As first step, select an image from your computer or storage medium. Pay attention that the potential file formats are PNG, GIF and JPG. Once you come across the desired image you want to use, click on upload. It may take a moment until the image is uploaded. Once this process is done, click on save and you are done!

Edit texts to make your site look perfect

Have fun editing your website

Editing images and texts can be time consuming, but can as well be fun if you have the right tool! You need to make sure that you have the right tool to customise the various elements and make the template look like you want. Create a ten-page website or just one landing page; upload as many images as you want and give your site's interface the ideal look. By the way, did we mention the plenty of free apps that you can use in order to promote this wonderful garden website you are planning to create?

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