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    • Additional space for centralized file storage

    • Additional space for centralized file storage

    • Calendar

    • Events

    • Contacts

    • Tasks

    • Document management

    • Centralized file storage

    • Rights management for workgroups

    • Access your e-mail from anywhere with Mobile Sync

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Business email with 1&1

  • Create an e-mail account with 1&1: What are the advantages compared to other free providers?

    Although a free e-mail address may be quick to set up, it offers little freedom and does not make a professional impression. Only the so-called local part, meaning the part of the e-mail before the @ of a free e-mail address can be customized. The desired local part is often already in use and you must resort to numbers or special symbols to be able to use it. If you choose to create your own e-mail address, you can choose one free domain in addition, which is an important feature for professional purposes in particular. Not only does this mean that your e-mail address and the e-mail addresses of your employees are easier to recognize, they are also easier to manage. What's more, 1&1 e-mail inboxes and the web mailer are completely free of advertising.

    1&1 does not offer its own method for migrating your e-mail inbox. Some e-mail clients give you the option to secure your inbox and transfer the data to your new inbox. Save your old inbox using your old provider and then save the data on your hard drive. As soon as you have set up your new inbox you can usually integrate your old, saved inbox. You can find detailed instructions under the help option of your e-mail client.
  • I want to create my own e-mail address. Are there any instructions?

    With 1&1 it is easy to create a private e-mail address. If you have a contract with 1&1 that includes at least one set-up domain, you are only a few steps away from your own new e-mail address. Log into the 1&1 Control Center using your login data and choose the option create new e-mail address. Now you can determine your new e-mail address. If you need the matching domain or if you want to book additional e-mail addresses, choose from further e-mail tariffs from 1&1.
  • How can I lock my e-mail account?

    While you cannot directly lock your account, there are other actions you can take that will have the desired effect. If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your account by hackers, for example, change your password using the 1&1 Control Center. If you do not want the e-mail address to receive e-mails anymore, or be deleted completely, you can change your e-mail address.
  • How do I protect my new e-mail address from spam?

    You can activate the free 1&1 spam protection in the settings of your e-mail account, which filters the majority of e-mails with suspicious content or from suspicious senders before they enter your inbox. If you still receive spam messages regularly, you can take further steps using the 1&1 web mailer settings, like adding certain e-mail addresses and senders to a blacklist. E-mails from blacklisted senders are automatically deleted. You can remove an e-mail address from the blacklist at any time.
  • Is it possible that my new e-mail account is sending spam?

    Generally this should not happen, but if you are the victim of hacking, the hackers may use your e-mail address to send spam messages. Another option is that someone has appropriated your e-mail address, known as mail spoofing, and is sending spam. To prevent this, you should change your password regularly.
  • Can I change my e-mail address once it has been created?

    With just a few clicks you can change your 1&1 e-mail address even after it is already set up. Log into the Control Center and select your e-mail address from the My Products menu, where you can edit it. To ensure a smooth transition, you should ensure that any e-mails sent to your old address are forwarded to the new one.
  • Can I register the matching domain in addition to my own e-mail address?

    Yes, in fact, it is recommended to use your own domain for business e-mail addresses. The tariffs usually include one domain of your choice, which will allow you to install the perfect e-mail for your needs.
  • I want to create an e-mail address. Which domain can I secure in addition?

    1&1 mail hosting offers a number of domains for different purposes. You can use our website to see whether or not the domain of your choice is available. Simply enter the desired domain name in the search bar and click check. All available options will be displayed to you.
  • Can my e-mail address be hacked?

    As with any e-mail inbox, hacking attacks cannot be ruled out. Hackers obtain your password by various means, usually by installing malware on your computer that can read the passwords saved on your computer. To protect yourself you should install an antivirus program and change your passwords regularly.
  • I want to access my e-mails from my smartphone. How do I set that up?

    You have a number of options to access your 1&1 e-mail inbox on your smartphone. Install the 1&1 mail app (available for iOS and Android) and log in with your e-mail information—you are ready to start receiving and sending e-mails straight from your smartphone. Usually smartphones already have an e-mail client installed, which you can connect with your 1&1 e-mail address, provided it supports IMAP accounts. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to set up your e-mail on your iOS or Android smartphone in the Help Center.
  • Can I write e-mails and hide my e-mail address?

    There are specific services that allow you to send e-mails anonymously; however, this is not recommended for a variety of reasons. An e-mail without a sender seems suspicious and you run the risk that the content will not be read, but be sent straight to the spam folder. It is also not possible to reply to e-mails without a sender. If you still send e-mails anonymously, your IP address is usually displayed in the e-mail. This is a safety measure, as both you and the provider of the anonymous e-mail may be liable to prosecution, as it is against the law to send spam, junk or phishing mails anonymously.
  • Can I connect my e-mail account with Outlook?

    Connecting your 1&1 e-mail address with Outlook is no problem. Before setting up your inbox you should decide whether you only want to read your e-mails from your computer, or whether you want to be able to access them on the move too. If you only need to access your mails from your computer choose the account type POP3 during installation, or for on the go access choose the account type IMAP. The installation process may vary depending on account type. You can find instructions with pictures in the Help Center.
  • I have forgotten my e-mail address. How do I access my e-mails?

    If you have forgotten your e-mail address, log into the 1&1 Control Center. All of your e-mail addresses will be listed under My Products. If you have also forgotten your password, you can assign a new one using the Control Center.
  • I want to delete my e-mail address and create a new one. How do I do that?

    Log into the 1&1 Control Center and select delete next to the e-mail address under My Products. Once you have confirmed your selection, the e-mail address will be deleted. Now choose create and choose your new private e-mail address or business e-mail address.
  • Our company wants to centrally manage e-mails. Which features does 1&1 offer for business e-mail accounts?

    If you want to centrally manage your e-mails, you should create your own business e-mail address and allow a number of people to have access to it. This will work as a catch-all mailbox. In addition to your primary inbox—business or private—the catch-all mailbox can be included in the web mailer, where you can switch between inboxes. You can continue to use your e-mail as usual.