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We are .family!


Secure your .family domain now


Create a uniquely memorable URL for your family

Educate website visitors on your family's history

Share your family's special occasions with a custom .family domain

It's all in the family with a .family domain name from 1&1

Show everyone what's been going on with your family
Your family is busy, and we're sure you want to show off what you've been up to. Post your latest vacation, new projects; anything that you think your extended family and friends would like to know about. Give your family an online presence now.
Let people know about upcoming family events
Weddings, graduations, retirements - family events happen all the time, and the people closest to you want to know when they're occurring! Upload pictures of the events for people who aren't able to attend. To find out if your preferred .family domain is available, use 1&1's convenient domain search tool. Enter your desired URL and find out immediately whether that name is available for registration. Secure your .familiy domain today!
FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

.family domain

  • What are the advantages of owning a .family domain name?

    Registering a .family domian name gives everyone you know a quick reference to everything going on in your family. Not only that, you're giving your family its own digital footprint! Every family deserves an online presence. Give your family a central presence online with the brand new .family domain name.
  • Are there any legal restrictions to registering this domain?

    There are no known legal restrictions to registering a .family domain. To ensure that your desired .family domain is available, use the domain checker. The domain checker will immediately showcase domain names that are available for you to register, as well as provide other potential suggestions. It will also display domain names that may have been occupied in the past but are now free for your to register.
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