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Ensure you are among the first to claim a new .home domain extension for your real-estate or renovation business when you take advantage of 1&1's simple reservation process. Perfect for both business and personal use a .home domain suggests authority and experience in relation to your project. Whether you are a large agency dealing in expensive property or a DIY blogger creating your perfect living space, a .home domain name will highlight your activities and thrust your business or blog to the forefront. www.sellmy.home or www.renovatemy.home are just some of the many examples that are available and can bring a dynamic edge to your site.

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When reserving a .home domain with 1&1 you appeal instantly to your target demographic, ensuring your products, services and ideas reach the right people. 1&1's no fee, no obligation reservation process makes it easy for you to select a broad range of domain names meaning that when the time comes to register, you have first refusal over your desired domains. Whether your customers are looking for a design guru or legal advice regarding relocation they will be able to find the information they require quickly and efficiently. With names like www.decorationinthe.home or www.legaladvice.home you can be sure your site is perfectly placed.

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Registering a .home domain with 1&1 gives your business or blog a welcome boost in a competitive market. A domain that encapsulates your business ideas allows customers to distinguish between your business and the competition. In a saturated market, web brands are becoming increasingly important as they provide customers with reassurances over service and quality. Why not register your perfect .home domain name with 1&1 using our simple step-by-step ordering process and start building your brand today. Don't miss out on unique names such as www.houseand.home or www.mynew.home that will give your business a distinct identity.

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If you are looking to expand your existing business then a .home top-level domain from 1&1 allows you to enter new territory whilst keeping your customers in the loop. Registration couldn't be easier with our simple step by step process that allows you to choose your favourite domain names from your reservation list and discard any you no longer require. Whatever your business, a new .home domain from 1&1 allows you to diversify and expand your web presence. Two great examples are www.ideas.home and – two domains that offer unique and specialist business ideas to thrive.