Shared hosting plans with a variety of features for professional website development.

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High performance hosting plans with dedicated hardware. Optimal for sites with high demand of resources.


Hosting packages specifically optimized for WordPress applications.

Professional web hosting for every need

1&1 has over 20 years of hosting experience, and operates ~80,000 servers

Web Hosting

Classic hosting solutions for developers of professional web applications.

Web Hosting

Performance Hosting

High performance hosting solutions with dedicated hardware. 1&1's experts handle the administrative effort on your behalf.

Performance Hosting

WordPress Hosting

More than half a million customers already benefit from 1&1 hosting solutions that are specifically optimized for WordPress applications.

WordPress Hosting

Maximum security for your applications

Performance, accessibility and reliability - all with 1&1!

Maximum Security

1&1 high performance data centers are among the safest and most modern in the US.

  • Redundant technology guarantees high reliability. Failure of a hardware component results in the automatic connection to a backup.
  • Complex security measures provide data security in accordance with US standards.
  • 300 Gbit / s external connections ensure fast access times.
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1&1 Cares!

About you, your data, and the environment


Expert Support

If you have questions about our Hosting products, or in the unlikely event of problems, our 1&1 Hosting professionals are available 24/7 via phone and e-mail.

Energy Efficient

Taking responsibility and preventing up to 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year

Since 2007 we have only used electricity from renewable sources. Our data centers are powered from hydroelectric plants, and our corporate offices are also powered from renewable sources. In addition, our data centers use economic hardware and software solutions to save even more resources.

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