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For hoteliers or establishment owners, 1&1 offers great new .hotel domain extensions that are perfect in strengthening your online presence. Go beyond classic .com possibilities which are often difficult to obtain, particularly for those with popular business names. Instead, boost your visibility by condensing your website URL to make it cleaner and clearer for potential guests. Previous options like simply change to www.grandlakes.hotel. Remove unnecessary characters from your website URL to have it appear more professional with the new .hotel and other domain extension choices on offer at 1&1.
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Start the trend and be one of the first to purchase a .hotel domain. Examples including will show potential customers immediately in what hospitality you specialize in. Additionally, they indicate that you are in the know with online updates with a unique domain extension. That is a great advantage if you are wishing to promote your business online. You find a full list of domain extensions best suited to your establishment on the 1&1 domain registration page. Be sure to investigate what other services 1&1 has to help your business online with the MyWebsite design and business package offers.
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If you want to have a leading edge against your business rivals online, then pre-order your .hotel domain extension at 1&1 now. It is the best time to have a point of differentiation on the internet with a strong website URL that clearly encapsulates your establishment. The best part is that registering with 1&1 is easy! Just see the step by step guide on how to pre-reserve your new domain here. Don't wait any longer to update your website as these extensions are bound to prove popular amongst hoteliers and establishment owners and soon, your favorable domain extension might soon be taken.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic:

.hotel domain

  • Why should I register a .hotel domain?

    There is constant competition in the hospitality industry and finding a strong point of difference is difficult. With the need for hotels and other establishments to promote themselves online due to consumer changes, being visible on the internet is crucial. From travel accommodation listings to search engines, you state immediately in a simple domain extension what your establishment has to offer. A clear .hotel URL will tell online viewers where to book a room in an instant. These new 1&1 offers are beneficial for hotels. And also cafes set themselves apart too with top-level domain extensions such as or .cafe.