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For continued sales success

Professional marketing tools and timely distribution platforms enable you to attract and retain customers.
Current statistics help to continuously optimize your online store.


Create your presence

With your own online store, you announce your independence as a professional, trustworthy seller on the Internet. Integrated search engine optimization ensures that customers find you when they're searching.

New customers

There are many possibilities on the Internet that can publicize your online store and products, attracting new customers.


Achieve top rankings

Make sure you're appearing at the top of the search results on Google, etc. The SEO dashboard makes it easier to optimize your search engine presence and enable your online store to be found where your potential customers are looking.



With minimal effort, you can create a Facebook Store that allows you to present your products on the largest social network in the world


Amazon, eBay, etc.

In order to market your products quickly and effectively, you can offer your product range on distribution platforms such as Amazon and eBay. With a few clicks you can select individual items or your entire product catalog and add them to the most popular marketplaces and price comparison sites. You can reach an audience of millions right from the beginning.

Retain customers

Keep the lines of communication with existing customers open and active through special offers -
a 1&1 Online Store contains all the necessary functions for turning your customers into regulars!


Stay up to date

The larger your customer base, the faster promotions and offers can be spread. Your newsletter will help you engage your existing customers on a regular basis and point out new products and offers. The number of subscribers and open rate are helpful indicators to the interest of your products.


A pleasant surprise

Discounts and promotions increase sales- with the coupon function, you can give solid discounts, percentage discounts, and even free shipping. Combine the two and add a coupon to your next customer newsletter.

Measure your success

Find out how your customers are reaching your online store.


Measure your success

Analyze user behavior and traffic to your store pages with etracker or Google Analytics. Optimize your website based on the needs and information provided by your customers and visitors.


Lead generation

  • 1. How can 1&1 improve my online marketing and ensure that my site is visible to search engines?

    With the mammoth shift towards eCommerce that has occurred over the last decade, the online market is saturated with eCommerce sites vying for the attention of potential customers. Ensuring that your site stands out from the crowd and appeals to browsers on the net is therefore vitally important. 1&1 packages offer a wide range of solutions to aid your online marketing and ensure that your online shop is as visible as possible to search engines, and therefore easy for potential customers to find.

    All 1&1 packages can automatically generate a Google sitemap, helping the search engine map your site and ensure that you are well indicated and increasing your site’s visibility on the search engine result pages. Our packages also ensure that your URLs are search engine-friendly. By this we mean that they are short, snappy and clear, encouraging a higher click-through rate. This includes offering a new domain that accurately and favorably reflects the business of your eCommerce site. These new domain names allow you to create an individual and distinct site address, helping your site stand out from your competitors and your business appear a leader in your field.

    In addition to this, our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages come with the SEO Cockpit, helping both the search engine and customers find the entrance to and paths through your site.

  • 2. How can 1&1 help me with my email marketing?

    1&1 packages can help you stay in contact with customers and visitors to your site via email marketing. Our packages ensure that your customers are kept abreast of your products and the latest developments to your eCommerce site.

    Our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages all offer a comprehensive newsletter tool which forms the basis of email marketing. This tool can compile and send a newsletter to your customers containing all the relevant information regarding your eCommerce site, including discount offers, promotions and any additional developments to your online store. The newsletter tool also provides an easy process via which site visitors can subscribe to the newsletter.

    As well as contacting your customers, all 1&1 packages enable your customers to contact both you and (if relevant) the specific product distributor, before and during the sale. This allows the customer to gain further information regarding the product and both the buying and delivery process. In addition to this, it is important not to underestimate the comfort and peace of mind that a customer finds in the knowledge that there is someone they contact to settle any questions or queries that may have arisen.

  • 3. How can 1&1 help me with lead generation via social media such as a Facebook store?

    With social media becoming more and more a part of the everyday lives of individuals and companies, the use of these platforms to optimize sales is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce sites. The rise in eCommerce has reflected that of online social media sites and when used correctly the latter can be of great assistance in your online marketing. With tips and recommendations passed around these online forums every minute, it is the optimum environment for lead generation.

    Facebook, as the biggest social media site, can be particularly useful in promoting your eCommerce site. All our packages allow you to incorporate Facebook into your site with the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons. Both of these can be used with regard to either the site as a whole, or to individual products. Implementing the Facebook button is simple, user-friendly, and results in good lead generation across the net. When a visitor clicks on these buttons a link to the relevant page of your site will be published on that person’s Facebook page and will be visible to their Facebook connections in the site’s home feed. In addition, our Plus and Unlimited packages enable you to connect your eStore to Facebook and create your own Facebook store, allowing your products to be displayed on your Facebook page and giving you greater control over your social media online marketing.

  • 4. How can 1&1 help me get the most out of visitors to my eCommerce site?

    As for any business, when you are running your eCommerce site you need to ensure that you are working with your customers in the most mutually beneficial way possible so to strengthen the reputation of your site and maximize lead generation. You want to be aware of their needs and their interests enabling you to provide them with what they desire quickly, efficiently, and with minimal hassle. You want to ensure that their experience shopping on your eCommerce site is a favorable one so that they are likely to return in the future.

    All 1&1 packages offer a tool that can place your customers into groups. These groups are dependent on that customer’s history and relationship to the site, e.g. old customers, new customers, regular buyers, etc. This tool enables you to accurately target your marketing and allow for optimum customer service and relations.

    All our packages offer various site designs that are esthetically pleasing and allow for easy navigation and site exploration. Our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages offer the option to present the images in varying formats, such as in a gallery or a product slide show. These allow for easy and enjoyable browsing on the part of your customer. It also gives you greater control over the design and esthetic of your site, enabling you to synchronize its look with your company branding, and ensure that it appears smart and cutting edge. It also allows you to show a greater number of pictures at one time without cluttering the screen.