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1&1 Referral Program - Overview
1&1 List Local
Be the answer to an online search
  • Get a professional local business listing for your company in all the main online directories and navigation systems
  • Reap the rewards with customer reviews
  • Quick and easy central management

How easily are you found? Find out directly with our Online Check:

Enter your details once,

unlock the world of local business listings

Win over local customers with your presence in industry specific directories.

Be where your customers are searching
Users today are turning towards online searches in their hunt for local businesses. With 1&1 List Local, all you need is a few minutes and mouse clicks, and voilà! Your business is listed in the most important online directories, apps and navigation systems. Company details, like opening hours and phone numbers, are always kept up to date thanks to our central administration feature.
Be on every device and navigation system
We'll put you on the (Google) map
Accurate and up-to-date information
Whether your customers use a tablet, smartphone, laptop or GPS device, you can be sure your business is easily found. With 1&1 List Local, current information about your company is always accessible from all devices.
Google Maps is one of the most popular ways for customers to begin their search. It's user-friendly and links your location with your company website. Customers will not only know when, where, and how to reach you, but can also discover what you're all about.

Want to change your opening hours? No problem. Enter your updates once, and the changes are automatically applied to all directories.

Happy customers = more happy customers

Who do customers turn to before trying a new product or service? Previous customers! With 1&1 List Local, it's all at your fingertips: You can always react to customer reviews, creating value for your company.

Customer reviews are crucial to the success of your business
More and more apps and online portals encourage users to submit reviews on just about everything. These reviews play a vital role in attracting future customers. The higher you're ranked on Google, the more trust your company earns. And with our handy dashboard tool, you can always react and interact with customers.
The customer is always right
Build trust through neutrality
Increase visibility on search engines
Open a channel of communication to satisfy your customers
Customers who search online are often persuaded by a company's reputation with other shoppers. With 1&1 List Local, you can easily manage your customers' feedback in a clear and central location, and can then react to all that amazing feedback...or the occasional disgruntled voice.

We've all been there before...struggling to decide between two different products. So what do we do? Read the reviews. Customers tend to trust the opinions of others. Why? Because more often than not, you get honest, impartial and personal feedback. Customers are your ambassadors and can help bring you more business...so treat them well.
Companies with the best ratings and the most stars are automatically placed higher on Google and are more easily found by potential
customers. Remember, customers can't make a purchase if they can't find you in the first place. 1&1 List Local makes sure you're visible to as many customers as possible.
Even criticism can have a positive effect on your business. Through social interaction, you can show that you appreciate the feedback and encourage dialogue with your customers.

One dashboard, many possibilities

Update your company's details, respond directly to customer reviews, and more!

List Local Dashboard
  • Easy to use and clearly structured
  • Any changes made to company records are automatically updated in all directories
  • Communication center where all of your customers' thoughts and feedback are stored

Local Business Listings

  • Why are local business listings important?

    For small to medium businesses and self-employed people, local business listings are everything. Whether your customers or clients are looking for you via Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp or any other portal, it's vital that they find up-to-date, accurate and relevant business information. It is not just your website and your social media that matter, but also how your business is represented in terms of customer reviews.

    For companies both young and old, knowing exactly what your customers are saying about your business can produce extremely valuable information. With 1&1 List Local, you can ensure that your company is listed on all local business listings and easily monitor your company's reputation from one place. Your business is guaranteed to be listed on the most important online directories where your customers might search for you – including popular ones such as Google business directory and Facebook business pages. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can increase your search engine visibility, build a community, and open communication with your customers.
  • How does List Local help me maintain review management?

    Responding to customer reviews across all local business listings can not only be a lot of work, but also overwhelming – even at the best of times. 1&1 List Local allows you to respond directly to all user-generated content, including feedback, reviews and ratings all from one easy-to-use control center. Once logged in, you will see an overview of all online business directory listings. You will be notified each time you receive user-generated content from one of your many platforms, allowing you to then respond to each review as the owner of the listing. Maintaining consistent feedback to all your reviews – both good and bad – is key to connecting and interacting with your customers. Additionally, List Local provides you with comprehensive key figures (for example: location, time and platform) for you to further analyze trends and marketing strategies.
  • Why should I monitor my local listings?

    1&1 List Local allows you to connect with your customers across all local business listings quickly and easily. To monitor local listings across all platforms can be a task in and of itself and, more importantly, remaining consistent with all business information requires a lot of organization. NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistency is one of the most basic, yet important first steps of any business. These days, with businesses being listed on more and more local business directories, it can be hard to keep track. 1&1 List Local takes care of all this for you, helping you to find unauthorized changes and errors that could be detrimental to your business, and removing any duplicate listings that may cause further confusion. This, in turn, will improve your business's ranking on search engines and will help create a trustworthy overall digital presence.
  • How can I be listed in the Google business directory?

    With 1&1, it's easy. List Local is the central online management system for all your local business listings, including Google. With the help of the integrated Google API, you can create a business entry with both Google My Business and Google Maps, ensuring your company can be found via Google. You can easily change your information or location at a later date with the 1&1 List Local control center. Being listed on the Google business directory will also have a positive influence on your business's Google ranking; the more prominently positioned your business is in the search results, the easier your customers can find you. Google Maps does not just provide the location of stores and providers in the area, but it also offers information and reviews too. It is therefore vital to have a good reputation on the Google business directory. With 1&1 you can monitor all reviews and comments, allowing you to easily stay on top of all user-generated content.
  • How can I set up a Facebook business page?

    The Facebook business page setup is a quick and easy process with 1&1 List Local. For this, you need to configure your main Facebook page with Facebook Locations, and then connect your page with 1&1 List Local. From here, you can easily manage the location data for multiple stores or offices belonging to one business. The program helps you publish content on a location-by-site basis, so your customers always get the information they need – such as location, opening hours, and contact details – in their respective region.

    With a Facebook business page, you decide what information, details and facts to display across all your pages. 1&1 List Local also allows you to monitor the reviews and postings on all Facebook locations from one place. With excellent reputation management functions, you can quickly respond to customers' questions or reviews. Maintaining a consistent voice on your Facebook location pages can help create an engaged network of customers.
  • Why should I use 1&1 List Local to monitor my local listings?

    These days, having an intuitive and informative website just isn't enough. If you do not yet have your own website, you may find the right solution for you with 1&1. List Local saves both time and energy when managing your local business listings. All you have to do is enter your information once, and 1&1 places this on all the most important local business listings for you and your business. It also protects your information, and notifies you the second any information is changed or, for example, if any false information is added. It can often happen that crawling business directories somehow pick up on false information and add it to a business's profile. List Local, on the other hand, maintains consistency across all platforms by ensuring your listings remain current and relevant at all times. This uniform data means uniform signals to assist with your business's search engine ranking. Additionally, if your company is not yet in any local business listings, 1&1 List Local will help you get there.
  • Which local business directory listings are supported?

    • Google MyBusiness: This platform provides you the opportunity to attract lots of new customers. If a customer searches for your business, or other businesses within your industry, your Google entry will appear. In addition to general information, you can also add images.
    • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most important marketing tools for any business, regardless of size and trade. A Facebook business page allows companies to publicize all relevant information, to enter into a dialogue with customers, and to produce engaging content.
    • Bing Maps: The search engine also has a maps service that may be useful to most businesses. Your business will appear if customers either search your company or search a keyword or another business related to your company.
    • Yelp: With a Yelp business listing, customers can search your business directly, or you may be recommended to customers automatically, depending on their preferences and location.
    • Foursquare: This is a location-based app, which allows customers to search your business and provides results based on user-generated reviews.
    Other local business listings of note:
    • Google Maps
    • eLocal
    • Instagram
    • Apple Maps
    • Uber
    • USCity
    • Tupalo
    • Plus many more
  • Which GPS systems are supported?

    Navigation systems include:
    • Garmin
    • TomTom
    • HERE
    1&1 also supports major car manufacturers, such as:
    • Volkswagen
    • BMW
    • Audi
    • Mercedes
    • Fiat
    • Toyota
    • Ford
    The so-called POIs (Points of Interest) are sent to the above navigation systems. Customers can search through the navigation systems for your company, allowing your business to also appear on the map for chance encounters.
  • How can I answer online reviews?

    Reputation management with 1&1 List Local is a quick and easy process. Simply log in to your control center and manage all your local business listings from one easy-to-use interface. Thanks to direct API connections to Google MyBusiness, Facebook, Foursquare, and many more directories, you can easily answer reviews and update info in real time. Having all reviews in one place allows you and your business to respond directly and immediately to your customers' experiences. Additionally, you can set up notifications for your review management in order to make sure your business remains on top of things. 1&1 List Local also provides breakdowns and analytics based on your reviews, providing you with all the statistics and information you need about your customers.
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