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.com is the global online standard, and that's why every Fortune 500 company and the world's fastest-growing companies have a .com. Engage with a global audience with an address that is well known across the globe.

.com domain feature list

A .com domain at 1&1 includes the following features: - 1 email account with 2 GB mailbox space - 100 MB webpsace and 5 pages of website builder - 5 subdomains to structure your website - Advanced DNS management - Whois privacy is included - 24/7 customer support - A wide variety of domains, including new domains - Fast, simple domain setup - Secure your domain from hijacking risks with domain lock - Special offers for 1&1 customers


.com domain

  • How much does a .com domain cost?

    With each 1&1 .com domain, the cost per year includes a whole host of features, allowing you to benefit from being registered with the most recognized and trusted top level domain worldwide. The exact cost per year of the .com extension depends on the length of registration time, with multiple year registration being a popular choice. Additionally, the cost for existing 1&1 customers can often include special offers which may further decrease your expenditure. When buying a cheap URL with 1&1, you benefit from the unbeatable prices, the dedicated 24/7 service, the secure domain lock, as well as a quick and easy set-up process.

  • How to check .com domain availability?

    With the .com extension being the most popular top level domain worldwide, it's no wonder that .com domain availability is becoming more and more limited. Representing credibility, professionalism, and a global scope, an increasing amount of people are turning to .com for all things professional and personal.
    Once you've thought of the perfect top level domain for you or your business, one that is guaranteed to give off a good first impression, the next step is to ensure that it's not already taken. Checking for .com domain availability is an easy process with 1&1. Simply check your .com domain availability with our free and easy tool. All you need to do is type in your desired domain name, and the domain checker will identify whether or not it's available. If your desired domain name is already taken, you will be provided with a range of viable alternatives.

    What are the .com domain alternatives?

    As .com extensions are widely popular and may not always be available, there are plenty of other .com domain alternatives for you to consider – all of which convey trust and professionalism. Perhaps you could use a location specific domain such as a .us extension, or maybe even something that resonates specifically with your project, such as .store for an online shop. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of .com domain alternatives to choose from:

    • .business
    • .email
    • .website
    • .video
    • .online
    • .shop
    • .gov
    • .edu
    • .club
    • .consulting

  • Why should I register one or more .com domain(s)?

    More than 100 million registrations worldwide speak for themselves – clearly, the .com domain is the most commonly used domain extension worldwide. In its early stages, .com was supposed to be used for commercial purposes, since it is an abbreviation for the word "commerce". Today, however, it is used for all purposes – personal, professional and commercial. One of the prime reasons for registering another .com domain is if you are expanding your business. If, for example, your company is already successful in the US, and you're looking to expand it to Mexico, you could register a second domain to cater exclusively for the Mexican market. Additionally, many domain traders and businesses extend their domain portfolio in order to protect their brand on the internet. They then turn not only to the classic domain endings like .com, .org, .net or .info, but they also use new domain extensions like .online, .shop or .tech.