Find your perfect domain!

  • How can I make sure, my business domain name is still available?

    Use the 1&1 domain tool to check if your desired business domain is already claimed by another company. The 1&1 domain name tool will search through the domain name system to examine the availability of the domain you want to register. If it is already registered, the 1&1 domain tool will offer you suggestions of business domain extensions, which are still available. It presents you with multiple options.

  • What can I do, if my the domain name for my small business is already registered by someone?

    Sometimes only your desired domain extension is taken, so the domain tool will present you with available domains with the same exact name you wanted, but with different extensions. Besides these offers, the 1&1 domain tool will of course show you all sorts of variations of the originally searched for business domain name. Once you have found and picked the best possible domain, you can register it directly 1&1 with just a few mouse clicks.

  • What should I keep in mind when searching for the best small business domain name?

    Be different. Don't pick a business domain name that is somewhat comparable to the one of your competitor. Be unique in choosing your own domain that stands out from the rest. Choosing a domain name for your comapny that is similar to your competitors will only cause confusion. It can even lead to your clientele ending up on your competitor's business site and end up with you losing your potential new customer. This would defeat the original purpose of having a similar domain, if you lose your customers to your competitor. Create your own brand that can't be confused with the one of your competitor.

  • How important is it to have a good domain name for small businesses?

    A good domain is very important for a small business. It is the first impression that a customer gets of your business. The domain for your small business is equivalent to your online brand. Before even viewing your website, your customer will judge your domain name. If it is too long and complicated, the customer will already be declined. This can happen if your domain name is very long, includes hyphens, abbreviations, homonyms or complex words that the average person is not used to seeing. On the other hand, if your domain name is short, simple and to the point, your customer will not judge it negatively and already be inclined to visit your small business website. Ensure that you don't lose any customers or potential ones in such an early stage by not having an adequate domain name to represent your small business.