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The .web TLD and other extensions

For those setting up an internet business, the new .web domain extensions are particularly attractive as they provide you the opportunity to keep your domain catchy and concise. 1&1 also offers other domain endings such as .network, .online and .website. Short domains like these are generally more attractive to customers and clients, which makes the .web domain names highly advantageous for businesses.

Gradually, hundreds of .web extensions will be released – why not use this opportunity to get exactly the right .web TLD to suit your business? Explore the different possibilities with 1&1. In addition to the classic .web domain names, 1&1 also offers other extension possibilities. If, for example, your company offers various online services or distributes software, then extensions such as .software, .app or .download will be very useful.

Who can use the .web domain and for what?

Anyone can use the .web domain extension; take advantage of this opportunity and offer your customers the best information, products or services under a trusted and well known domain. This will not only strengthen your overall brand, but it will also have a positive impact on your search engine ranking.

Want to find out who uses what domain? Have a look at the 1&1 Whois Domain Lookup tool. With its help, you can do the following:

Find out the host of a domain

Learn where a domain is registered

See when a domain expires

Discover when a domain was registered

Tip: If you want to contact the current owner of a domain, be prepared to negotiate the details of the domain transfer. In case you need help with this process, companies like sedo.com are always a good option.

The advantages of a .web domain at a glance

One of the biggest advantages of a .web domain is availability. The .web TLD (top-level domain) offers plenty of new options for your online presence, whereas the popular .com domains, after having been around for a long time, are becoming rarer. For this reason, short and snappy internet addresses are becoming more and more difficult to come across. Luckily, there are plenty of .web domains.

Explanation: What is a domain extension? A top-level domain, or TLD, is the ending of a domain. The most common TLD is .com.

There is plenty of potential in a .web domain extension, which you can discover by simply checking the availability of your chosen domain name and reserving it. The alternate .web ending, will open up various sought-after internet addresses, allowing you to strengthen your brand and improve your search engine ranking.

Below are the advantages of a .web domain at a glance:

Short and snappy addresses will be available once again

1&1 oversees management

Round-the-clock support

Transparent offers with 1&1

Secure reservation and registration

Pre-order your .web domain

From now on, your desired web address with a new top-level domain is available for pre-order. The advantage of pre-ordering a .web TLD with 1&1 is the fact that the .web domain registration is free and without any obligation. Simply have a look for a free .web domain that suits you. If you are not sure whether your desired domain is available or not, use the 1&1 Domain Check tool. If your preferred TLD is still available, pre-order it directly with us and make sure to leave us your contact details. We will inform you as soon as the new extensions are made available by the internet administration agency, ICANN. This way, you have the possibility to secure your .web domain registration immediately. 1&1 then takes care of the web domain registry for you free of charge, and provides a friendly reminder service without any strings attached.

1&1 makes it possible for you to secure your .web domain without you even having to order it. As soon as your domain has been approved and you're ready for .web domain registration, nothing stands in the way. No additional costs will be incurred if you decide against pre-ordering a 1&1 .web domain registrar. With the 1&1 pre-order service, you can react quickly and flexibly to pre-order your domain while avoiding all the crowds on release day.

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FAQ: .web domain

  • Why should I pre-order the .web top-level domain?

    For those who have already had an internet address for a few years, it makes sense to reserve a new .web domain. With a brand new web domain extension, an array of opportunities will open up for both your website and company – even if your website has already enjoyed some success.

    The new .web domain is particularly worthwhile, for example, if your preferred domain has already been assigned. The new .web domain extensions also mean that it is once again possible to choose short, concise domains that don't include any numbers or hyphens. With the .web TLD, you prove to your customers that your company has something to offer – whether it's a product, a service, or information. Use the new .web domains to offer your customers added value under an enhanced brand name. Your brand image and SERP ranking will benefit from the positive impact that a .web extension can have on the search engines.

    Do not hesitate to reserve a new .web domain; with 1&1, you can do so without having to register. Additionally, our offer is obligation-free. Once you've decided on your .web TLD, go ahead and register!

    Tip: It's well worth pre-ordering your .web domain ahead of the large crowds. This way, you can be sure to secure your desired domain.
  • How can I reserve a .web domain with 1&1?

    Reserving a .web domain with 1&1 is a quick and easy process. Firstly, check that your desired domain is still available with the 1&1 domain check. If so, select it and reserve your .web domain by entering your contact details. The pre-order is now complete.

    1&1 offers a free reminder service with each pre-registered web domain; as soon as your desired .web domain is available, we will notify you. We can then register you at the appropriate registry.
  • Is the pre-order free for .web domains?

    Yes, purchasing a .web domain in advance is free with 1&1. By pre-ordering your .web domain, there are no extra obligations; you are in no way obliged to register a pre-ordered domain. By pre-ordering a domain, you are simply ensuring that your desired domain does not get snapped up by someone else. If you would like to buy the web domain, you can do so as soon as 1&1 has notified you of its availability, saving you valuable time.
  • When will the .web domain be available to register?

    Your .web domain release date is just around the corner! To secure your web domain's availability, it's recommended to pre-order with 1&1. With our 100% free-of-charge reminder service, we'll let you know when your desired domain has been released, allowing you to secure the domain you want at an early stage.
  • How do I choose the perfect .web domain name?

    Choosing the right domain for your individual needs is not so easy. It should accurately reflect your company, but also be search engine-friendly at the same time. The new .web domain can be used by anyone – whether a company, an organization or a private individual. However, there may be restrictions on who can register other domain extensions. Take the .food extension for example, this may have different restrictions compared to .music and so on. Which conditions apply to which domain depends on the place of distribution.

    With the new .web domain, there are plenty of desirable domains available, such as "welcometothe.web", for example. The most important thing is that your domain name suits the goods or services that you provide. When creating a website for your company, your company name should appear in the domain – even with a .web TLD. If you work as a consultant or a coach, your name is probably your brand. In this case, you should include your name in your domain.

    Another key thing to remember is that your domain should be memorable – this is particularly important for spreading the word via word-of-mouth. Short and catchy domains are easy to say and are far more memorable than long, complicated ones. Also remember that some names are protected by copyright, such as the following:

    • First and last names
    • Brand names
    • Work titles
    • City titles

    Consider which .web domain you want to use well in advance, as it cannot be altered once the registration is complete. Each domain is a fixed address on the internet.

    Tip: If you're not satisfied with your domain, you can easily cancel it and order a new one – simply get in touch with 1&1.