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  • Easy creation of a new mobile website
  • Optimize existing websites for viewing on mobile devices
  • Reach more customers with a mobile optimized website

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Create and optimize a mobile version of your website
  • Mobile Website Builder
  • 10GB webspace
  • 1 mobile website


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A complete online presence for your website on desktop and mobile devices
  • Mobile Website Builder
  • Unlimited webspace
  • Unlimited websites,
    1 mobile website
  • 1 domain included

Unlimited Plus

12 months
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The ideal solution for corporate websites and larger blogs
  • Multiple WordPress websites
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • 1 FREE included Domain
  • Performance & Security features

Make Your Existing Website Mobile Friendly

Also reach customers on smartphones and tablets

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Usage

1&1 Mobile Website Builder automatically converts your existing website to be compatible with all mobile devices. Achieved through the recognition of the most commonly prompted contents by mobile devices, the intelligent recognition and optimization enables your website to be viewed in an optimal visual and technical layout for mobile users. All website content can be manually or automatically customized, in order for you website to be accessed by all mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets or other devices.

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If the preview of your mobile website doesn’t load, please check to ensure the popup blocker of your Internet browser is disabled or allowing access to the 1&1 website.

Create Mobile Websites

Creating a New Mobile Website Design

Not only does 1&1 Mobile Website Builder optimize your existing website, it can also create a new mobile website from scratch. Choose from various content like individual colors, pictures and formats to customize your mobile website as you please. To get off to an easy start, you can also choose one of the many pre-designed mobile website design templates to lay the groundwork for you. Simply adjust the layout and colors to your liking.

Host your Mobile Websites with 1&1

Already Have a 1&1 Web Hosting Package?

You can simply add the Mobile Website Builder to your existing contract in your 1&1 Control Panel. In a few easy steps, your website will be optimized for mobile devices.

Facts Worth Knowing!

Helpful information and tips about 1&1 Mobile Website Builder


Frequently Asked Questions about 1&1 Mobile Website Builder

  • Do I Have to Buy Software to Optimize My Website?

    No! You can create your mobile website directly with 1&1. All that is required is your email and the URL of the website you wish to optimize. Creating your mobile website is easy!

  • Can I Create Just a Mobile Website Without Having an Existing Website?

    Yes you can! We offer pre-designed templates for customers who don’t have an existing website. You can change and customize these templates to your individual preference. The mobile website can then be viewed on smartphones, tables and laptops.

  • Do I Need Programming Skills?

    No. Even if you don’t have any advanced knowledge of computers or programming, you can create you very own mobile website. You will be guided by a step-by-step tutorial through an easy to follow operating system with preview options to enable you to build a mobile website without any complications.

  • How Can I See What My Mobile Website Will Look Like on Different Mobile Devices?

    You have the possibility of viewing the new mobile website design before activating the link and going live. Your mobile website can be previewed for all the major smartphones and tablets directly in the control panel.

  • Do I Have to Manually Update My Mobile Website?

    No you don’t. The information and content on your mobile website will be automatically updated as soon as you change or update your existing website.