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New Top Level Domains, New Possibilities

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What should you know about new top level domains

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What are nTLDs?

TLD stands for top-level domain. This is the official term for the part of the domain name that appears right at the end. The most common top-level domains are .com, .net, .org, and country-specific extensions such as .co.uk, .de and .fr. The 'n' in front of TLD simply stands for 'new'. Starting in November 2013, a wide range of creative new domain extensions became available. These nTLDs allow for a huge choice of potential combinations to form individual domains.

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Frequently asked questions about nTLDs

  • What new top-level domains will 1&1 offer?

    We are covering almost all the new domain extensions in our database, with the exception of those associated with trademarks. So over the next few years we may see large international corporations using their own domain extensions, for example, .bmw, .google or .zara. 1&1 Domain's portfolio is in a state of permanent growth due to the addition of new TLDs, allowing everyone to easily find their ideal domain to improve their business. A complete overview can be found in our list of new domain extensions.
  • Can I be absolutely sure that I'll get my preferred domain?

    Unfortunately, we can't promise that your chosen domain will be registered, although of course we'll do our best! For over 20 years 1&1 has successfully registered domains for millions of customers, and we've been involved in many implementations of new TLDs. Thanks to this experience and excellent relationships with nTLD registrars, we're confident that we can convert the majority of pre-reservations into registrations as soon as the new domains are activated.
  • What are the costs associated with the new domain extensions?

    Pricing varies, and can be easily found by visiting the 1&1 website and shop, where you can find the actual current offers and check your desired nTLD.
  • What is ICANN and what is its role?

    The 'Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' is a California-based, nonprofit organization recognized by most state institutions. ICANN is responsible for a range of policies and technical work relating to the Internet, and cooperates with external parties to develop various projects. It is also directly responsible for the implementation process of the new domain extensions. You can visit the ICANN website to learn more about the organization and its activities.
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