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Get your business online instantly
with a one-page website

One-page website + free domain for the 1st year + email address

One page can make a big difference

If you don't need a full website and want an easy way to get started, or you just want to get your information into the hands
of the people searching for it, then a one-page website is the right choice for you.
But why spend money when there are free options available?

Three things you won't get from a free provider:
Simple page editor
No frills. No ads. Just what you need to take your first steps online.
Your own domain
Build your brand image with the right domain name.
Your own email
A professional email address inspires trust with your customers.
With our intuitive page editor, you simply select the elements you need for your site. Personalize it as you like, with your logo, Google Maps, a contact form, and more!

It's easy to connect your social media accounts to your site so your customers can easily find you, and your visitors will never be bothered with ads.

Having your own domain name is a great start to improve your website's ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you use a free hosting provider, your website's address will look something like this: http://freewebsitepagebuilder123.com/
Your business will look a lot more professional if your email address matches your branding.

Free email providers do not give you as much freedom to create the professional email address you need to be successful.

Want to go bigger? Upgrade from one page to a fully customizable business website

Simple, intuitive, beautiful
MyWebsite makes putting your ideas onto the page a really intuitive process. Creating a professional website is easy with our drag and drop editor. Simply choose a template and select your industry, and your website will start coming together with relevant images and sample text to get you started. Before you know it, you will be integrating customer reviews, bookings, and a newsletter signup form to interact with your customers.
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More information
FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

One page website

  • What is a one page website?

    A one page website is literally a single page website, which uses one HTML page. It is the perfect solution for a simple, no-fuss website, which provides all the necessary information succinctly and concisely. Our one page website package allow you to add exactly what you need to your page, without overloading it. The benefit for you is that these websites are quick and easy to create, your content will be displayed in an easily readable format, and the upkeep costs and maintenance is usually lower than that of a multipage website. You can still include various sections on your website, and a navigation menu – this just forwards the reader down to the required section on the same page. A single website page will suit a variety of businesses and online projects, and is perfect for getting online quickly!
  • How much does a one page website cost?

    A one page website is the first step in establishing yourself online, and starting something new can be expensive. Not so with our one page website package, in which you not only get your website, but an email address and a domain to go with it – the domain is even free at the beginning! The whole package costs just $1 a month.
  • How to make a one page website

    It only takes a few minutes to set up a one page website, and choosing a good website builder can save you a lot of work. Our builder has single page website templates to choose from, as well as other optional features you can include when you build a one page website. Creating a site with us couldn't be simpler – take a look at our guide for how to make a one page website:

    1. Enter your business' name. If you don't have one, then use the ideal name of your website, or of your project. For personal projects, use the same name as your social media handles – consistency is key.

    2. Next, enter what your website is about – describing the purpose of the website will help people looking for this kind of website to find it. If you're stuck, try typing something that is related – we've got a few suggestions to help you along the way!

    3. You'll be asked to review the single page website template the MyWebsite builder will automatically create for you. Click on the arrow to be taken to this page. Once there, you'll be able to design your one page website, by selecting the features you want, or adjusting the layout of it. Just add or remove what you want, and select the design you prefer.

    4. Once you've finished customizing your one page website, you'll be asked whether you want to take it online. Click on the arrow to continue, and you can select the domain name you want. Here you can see if your domain name is available, and which domain extensions you want to take - .com, .org, .online?

    5. You'll be taken to your shopping cart, and you can review what you want to buy. Confirm your purchases, and go through the normal payment procedure. That's it!
  • Is a one page website good for SEO?

    A one page website is inherently much simpler than a multi-page website, and in this sense, the SEO will be more scaled back than with a multi-page website. However, a one page website may be best for your business – it is simple, you can get online within minutes, and it doesn't mean you can't make use of good SEO for your single page website. Here are some of our tips to make sure you make the most out of your one page website:

    • Single page websites are better for mobile browsers, and seeing as the majority of online searches come from a mobile device, your one page website might just tick the box for those searching on their mobile phones.
    • Your one page website may have a higher page authority, because every link will point to your main URL for the website – there will always be a 1:1 ratio of links to pages.
    • Pick one keyword or one set of keywords, and focus on just these on your page. This way, you'll target a specific audience. Remember, you can always upgrade your one page website to a fully featured editor at a later point, once you've found your feet a bit. Furthermore, there is nothing to say you cannot expand your website after you've set it up. The possibility to expand your site is always there, and with that, the possibility to expand SEO. A single page website still offers good SEO potential, just make sure you know how to optimize what you've got!
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