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The new .online generic domain that can be used for any online presence

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Check the availability of your .online domain and pre-reserve it with 1&1

The release of a new range of top-level domains (TLDs) has created much excitement as more options for high quality, meaningful web addresses have now become available. The old .com world had become overcrowded, with almost all of the best names taken or only available to those who can pay large sums for their domains. Now domains like .online are set to change all of that! The .online domain means that you can secure an address with a better match to your business and with 1&1, it's easy too. At 1&1 you can pre-reserve your preferred .online domains for free and without the commitment to having to register them.

The value of securing a .online domain at 1&1 for your business

You now have the opportunity to match your online domain precisely to your business identity and also define exactly the nature of your business. A .online domain is a great generic domain relevant to any online business, from to to It is also great for distinguishing your online operations from your brick-and-mortar business activities. With such a wide availability at 1&1, you can reserve the .online domains that you are considering while you decide on your strategy for creating your perfect online identity. With no costs to consider and no commitment on your part, you can then take your time in registering the .online domain or domains that best fit for your needs.

Wide choice and flexibility with .online domains from 1&1

Before the release of new top-level domains (TLDs) was announced, registering an original and catchy domain was either extremely expensive or highly limited, with .com and .net options having been exhausted over the years. Registering a new domain at 1&1, however, provides a great opportunity for you to secure the perfect domains for your existing or upcoming web projects. Securing memorable domains like or will ensure your site will stick in users’ minds so they can easily return, and it will also give potential visitors a clearer understanding of what they can expect from your site.

How to register your .online domain with 1&1

Registering your .online domain with 1&1 is quick and straightforward. First check if the domains you are considering are available on the 1&1 site, then simply reserve all those that are available in a matter of clicks. It is completely free to reserve your domains and there is no obligation on your part to register these domains. So reserve your .online domain ideas today and decide in your own time which you want to pay to register, if any. You really have nothing to lose! Reserve your .online domains today at 1&1 and be sure to put yourself ahead of your rivals in the race for the best domain names.