Domain tips for professionals

Easily find the right domain

A domain is not merely the address at which your website can be found; rather, it is a key marketing element for the success of your online presence.

Remember: The more domains refer to your website, the better search engine ratings of your pages and positioning in their search results, and subsequently more visitors reaching your websites.

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Checklist for choosing the right domain

1.Short and Simple2.Personalized3.Creative and Unique4.Search Engine Friendly
If your company has a short name, use it! The shorter the name, the easier to remember. If your company has a long, complicated name, register it anyway, but think about securing a logical abbreviation as well. A simplified form of the name makes your website easier to find.Connect your company name with your domain name, and show customers who is behind the domain. Other possibilities include the integration of location or industry (for example: smith.architect or concise domain name sticks in your customers' minds. Word games work well, for example candy.barIncorporate important keywords into your domain name, strengthening the ability of your website to be found on search engines. This can, for example, be by integrating your industry, such as

Domain tips for businesses

Save on multiple domain extensionsPurchase your Domain
International companies should secure multiple top level domain extensions (TLDs) to increase their reliability with an appropriate country extension.The number of newly registered domains increases daily, and many domains are already taken. However, it is often worth the cost to acquire your desired domain name provided that is available for purchase.
Use multiple variantsAvoid common brand names
Use variants of your domain name, such as:
Avoid brands or names that may be trademarked in your domain Modifications like based off of for example is not advisable and could result in legal consequences.

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