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The right extension for educational purposes is .school

Be top of the class when you reserve a new .school domain with 1&1 today
Gone are the days when your domain choice was limited to .edu, .com or .us domains for websites for educational institutions. With a wave of hundreds of new top-level domain extensions now available, the chance is here to set yourself apart from other schools and colleges by reserving a new .school domain with 1&1. With a well-maintained website for your educational establishment and active social media presence, you can be sure to uphold a strong communication with current students, parents and prospective pupils. And what better way to stand out from the crowd and show your audience that you're well-informed not only in your field of educational expertise, but also in the latest internet trends, than with a new .school domain from 1&1.
Secure a concise and easy-to-learn domain at 1&1 that your students won't forget
Until now securing the perfect .edu, .com or .net domain for websites has been tough. With these domains being somewhat exhausted, many found that their desired domain had already been taken or was frightfully expensive. With the release of new top-level domains with high availability, it is now your chance to register the perfect .school domain for your establishment. Lengthy, imprecise domains will be a thing of the past with catchy and self-explanatory domains like Chicago-dance.school and boston-elementary.school and foreignlanguage.school. Not only are these domains clearer, attracting the right audience to your site, but also they are memorable and will stick in the heads of your students, allowing them to return to your site without a second thought. At 1&1, you are not only limited to a .school domain, should .academy or .college be more appropriate for your educational institution, these are also available to register.
Want to learn how to register your .school domain with 1&1? The process is easy!
Registering your preferred .academy, .college and .school domains with 1&1 is quick and easy. Simply check on our site if your domain ideas are still available and pre-reserve them in a matter of clicks. At 1&1, we are pleased to announce that reserving your domain ideas is completely free and comes with no obligation to purchase. You will only ever have to pay for the domains that you finally decide to register with 1&1. So with a risk-free reservation process, you really have nothing to lose in reserving your .school domain ideas with us today. Act today to protect your domain ideas from being snatched up by rival establishments – you definitely won't regret it!
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.school domain

  • Why should I register a .school domain?

    Looking to launch or enhance your educational establishment's website, and looking for ways to perfect the site? Start with the school's domain name! With a new .school domain you can be sure that your site appears official and authentic – HoustonMedical.school and SeattleVeterinary.school are just two prime examples of that. Also, with more interactive learning being encouraged within the education sector, there's no better way to diversify your teaching methods than with an interactive website for your students. So why wait? Reserve your dream .school domain with 1&1 today! What's more, regardless of whether your educational establishment is private or state run, or even a vocational establishment, domains like frenchbakery.school and physiotherapy.school indicate clearly to potential visitors what they can expect to find on your site, reducing the number of accidental visitors to your page.
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