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Sell Successfully Online
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  • Create your own professional online store in just a few clicks
  • Make your products visible on price comparison sites and online marketplaces
  • Attract customers through newsletter distribution and easy Facebook integration
  • Includes a domain and an e-mail address!
New functionality for your 1&1 Online Store
Managing spreadsheets, enduring long synchronizations, and manual data transfer are things of the past. With 1&1's integration with OneSaas, all of your business apps can interact with each other, share data, and make it easier to run your business. Exclusively with 1&1, OneSaas will integrate one accounting app of your choice with your online store for free!
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Maximum security and

Secure your web projects!
data transaction
hacker protection
data availability
Data Centers
Symantec SSL certificates are now included with all 1&1 packages, providing maximum protection of your website.
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Included with all 1&1 products: DDoS protection secures your website against hacker attacks and cyber crime.
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Geo-redundant infrastructure guarantees parallel processing at separate data centers, meaning your data is always available.
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The 1&1 Data Centers are among the safest and most modern in the US - verified with ISO-27001:2013 certification from TUV Nord.
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Sell products online

  • How to sell online with 1&1

    1&1 offer various packages with a variety of tools to help you ensure success for your eCommerce business. These packages can provide you with the optimum tools and extensions to allow you to sell your products online easily and in great quantity. 1&1 packages will help you enlarge your customer base and create higher revenue when you sell your products online.

    Perhaps the most valuable thing that our packages offer is the integration of your products with eCommerce businesses across the web. Our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages all allow you to connect your site with other online retail platforms so to optimize your sales and relieve you of the need to create separate accounts for each site. Our packages are able to import the images and content from your eCommerce site to that of other sites, so to boost your customer base and help you sell online. These online retail platforms include Kelkoo (the leading products portal in Europe), Amazon, eBay and (a subsidiary site of eBay), and Google Shopping (the search engine's product wing). These sites are in contact with hundreds of product sources as well as thousands of customers. Being connected to these sites will instantly place your eCommerce business in contact with a mass of potential customers, greatly enhance your presentation and reputation on the net, and, most importantly, help you sell online.
  • How can 1&1 help me start my eCommerce business?

    Selling products online can be made quick and easy with the packages from 1&1. By simply entering your relevant merchant information, images and text content into one of our site templates you can be selling products online in no time at all. 1&1 packages also allow you to cross-sell the products on your eCommerce site. Packages from 1&1 will not only help you upload the information and site content in a quick and easy fashion, but also process the data and generate headers and newsletters. If you are already selling products online you can easily transfer the data from your old eCommerce site to your new 1&1 site. This will be much easier than having to re-enter all the information, risking confusion and the potential for mistakes to be made in the process. The shipping procedure will be incorporated into your eCommerce site, so all you will need to do is pack up the purchased products, print the packing label and send it off. With our packages you will soon be selling products online and seeing your eCommerce business grow.
  • How can 1&1 ensure a good payment process when I sell products online?

    The 1&1 packages allow you to offer your customers multiple methods of payment. The more payment options you offer customers, the more likely it is for you to sell products and provide your customers with a pleasant shopping experience. With our Plus and Unlimited packages additional charges or discounts can be implemented at payment allowing optimum ease and clarity for your customer throughout the paying process.

    In addition to this, you have the option to enable the Avalara tool, simplifying sales tax with real time calculation and taxability rules applicable to the US market. You'll never have to manually manage sales tax rules, rates, or filing and have 100% accurate sales tax dat, guaranteed.

    To help you sell online and guarantee fast and secure transactions, all our packages also enable the use of PayPal, the leading worldwide online payment service. PayPal also provides clear steps to help customers through the payment process. 1&1's Basic, Plus, and Unlimited packages offer the use of PayPalPro and PayPalExpress, easing and speeding up the payment process for customers. 1&1's Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages also offer the use of which can process and accept credit card payments, and Skrill which is one of the biggest online European payment services, operating in 200 countries with 100 000 eCommerce businesses. Also incorporated into these packages is the compensation platform Saferpay, WorldPay, allowing for telephone and fax payment, and Ogone, currently ensuring tax security for 42 000 companies in over 70 countries.
  • How can 1&1 ensure visitors to my eCommerce business a pleasant shopping experience?

    All our packages can integrate a search bar tool into your site to help your eCommerce business sell products online. Auto-suggest can be incorporated into this tool, helping customers quickly locate the product they are looking for, while at the same time suggesting others they may be interested in purchasing. In addition to this, our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages offer After Search Navigation, enabling customers to search within certain parameters such as price or category. Our Plus and Unlimited packages offer further filtering, allowing customers to narrow their search according to product attributes such as size, color and material.

    To help you sell online, our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages offer the manual cross-selling tool which automatically presents the customer with additional products to supplement that which they are considering or have already bought. Our Plus and Unlimited packages offer automatic cross-selling which recommends products to the customer that are not necessarily directly related. These recommendations are generated from the sales statistics, for example, Customers who bought x have also bought y. Ensuring that visitors to your eCommerce business experience a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience will help you sell products online to an even greater extent in the future.