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Rent a Server
  • Multiple Server Types Virtual, cloud & dedicated server rental
  • Maximum Security Stay secure with the 1&1 data centers
  • Unlimited Traffic Plan or handle spikes in traffic with ease

Choose the right 1&1 Server Solution for your Website

For professional Websites
Dedicated Server
A Dedicated Server is the right solution for professional Websites and Online-Shops. Get the best performance with your own dedicated hardware.
​Dedicated Server
The affordable Solution
If you want the flexibility of a root-server for a much more affordable price, than VPS-Server could be right for you. Shared Hardware ensures the best compromise between performance, price and flexibility.
Maximal Flexibility
Cloud Server
You have fluctuating traffic or seasonal peaks? You want to configure the power of your server dynamically and only pay what you use? Cloud Server can give you the option to change the configuration on the fly.
Cloud Server

Server rental

  • What does dedicated server rental mean?

    Dedicated server rental is when a hosting company leases an entire server unit to a client. Put simply: only your data is stored on the server. Dedicated server rental is contrasted against a shared server—this works in much the same way, but the only difference is that you share a server with multiple other users. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The main reason for choosing a shared server is price—it's generally the cheapest type of server available. However, it's also one of the most popular server solutions available and means that your website could be affected should other users heavily load the system. It also lacks flexibility should you need to make changes to your plan. By contrast, dedicated servers are much more powerful and provide users with the flexibility to choose their operating system and hardware, whilst also ensuring that website owners can't be affected by other server renters.
  • Why is it better to rent a server than to buy?

    There are several reasons why it's better to rent a server than buy one, but the most important are cost and administration. When you choose to rent a server you eliminate the upfront cost of buying an independent unit, which can be expensive. This means that should you need to upgrade or scale your server, you can do so at a fraction of the cost. Secondly, owning a server, especially a large one, can involve maintenance costs—when you rent a server with 1&1 this is taken care of entirely by the administrators, who are also trained professionals. The last reason is all about security. Owning your own server puts it at physical risk, while insurance may cover the cost, the data is often irreplaceable. At 1&1 our data centers are among the most modern in the US. We store all your data in two centers in two separate geographical locations—meaning that if one center is interrupted, the other one takes over. This doesn't just protect your data, it also means your site never experiences any downtime.
  • Which type of server rental is right for me?

    The type of server rental you choose is completely dependent on what you need it for. That's why at 1&1 we offer a comprehensive range of server solutions designed for all types of websites. Our dedicated server rental packages come in three tiers: Entry-Level; Performance Servers for medium to large projects; and our high-end Business Line by Dell, so you can find a server rental package that matches the size and scope of your project. If you're looking for a server that provides unparalleled flexibility, then our comprehensive selection of cloud server packages is ideal—providing you with the scalability to grow your site as your business grows. Beyond this, our virtual server rental is there for those who require maximum performance and monitoring for resource-intensive projects. Finally, whichever type of server you choose, with 1&1 you can always expect unlimited traffic, maximum security, and 24/7 expert support as standard.
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