Email Solution for Small Business

Email Solution for Small Business

  • Acquire the 1&1 Microsoft Exchange 2013 package
  • Shift your means of communication from offline to E-Mail
  • Enjoy an efficient and secure means of business correspondence

Attain an efficient E-Mail system for better business communication

Why should I predominantly use E-Mail communication

Why should I predominantly use E-Mail communication?

Are you still predominately corresponding with other businesses, business partners, and customers using postal services to send documents and letters? The increasing trend of businesses communication is switching from offline communication such as letters and packages to online communication in the form of E-Mail. Postal delivery just takes too long for specific communication needs. Consumers expect quick responses, which can only be met by quick channel of communication via E-Mail. Within one day, it's possible to have multiple exchanges between two or more people about a certain topic, whereas with offline communication it could take days. Utilizing and managing an efficient online communication channel using E-Mail, you will be viewed as a timely and professional business by your consumers and business partners.
Efficient Business communication

Efficient Business communication via E-Mail with the 1&1 Microsoft Exchange 2013

The new version of 1&1's previous E-Mail system, the 1&1 Microsoft Exchange 2013 package, offers new functionalities to enhance your E-Mail correspondence. Included are a 25 GB memory mailbox space, a customizable E-Mail with one free domain name, sharable contacts, calendars and tasks between co-workers, and mobile synchronized E-Mails with separate offline access powered by Outlook Web Access. Simply access your business E-Mails from anywhere you want without worrying about synchronization of your computer and mobile devices. 1&1 Microsoft Exchange 2013 is equipped with a very customer friendly and intuitive interface, which offers optimal integration of other Microsoft Office applications. With all the new features offered, 1&1 still provides the best security and anti-virus protection for your needs. Working with an efficient and business friendly E-Mail communication system, ensures better correspondence with other businesses, consumers, and between co-workers.

Your small business E-Mail solution with 1&1

Your small business E-Mail solution with 1&1

You can only benefit the way you do business by enhancing your businesses' E-Mail correspondence, availability, and level of security. Being constantly available to your consumers keeps them satisfied. Responding quickly to business partners can be profitable. Enabling co-workers to work together in a better fashion raises your businesses' efficiency. Utilize the 1&1 Microsoft Exchange package to reap the benefits for your business and meet consumer expectations!

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