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Create diverse domain names and add a personal touch to your website

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Creative & Individual
.church or .wedding domains are perfect for personalizing events

Innovative & Striking

Comprehensible and easy to remember

Catchy & Sophisticated
.news domains re-brand online magazines, and blogs, to increase audiences

Discover more diverse top-level domains from 1&1's new collection

Our eye-catching and innovative new collection of diverse top-level domains have been designed to add a personal touch to websites that focus on leisure, events, culture, fashion and more. Businesses in the travel and leisure industries can choose from .party, .vacation, .club, .help, or even .cars, and create an online presence that is specific to your industry, and contributes to the overall brand of the company. Lifestyle blogs and magazines can now organize their sites into different categories, complete with their own category-specific domain names, such as .family, .home, .school, .pet, .money, and .wine for the cooking section of an online magazine, to appease all the wine lovers. If the focus of your website or blog is more attuned to fitness, beauty and fashion then choose from .style, .fashion, .coach and .fitness. For business-minded experts, create a professional image with .graphics, .inc and .xyz, for a domain name that really stands out from the crowd. The possibilities are endless with 1&1's new top-level domains, there is even a .bet which will re-brand traditional gambling and gaming sites and boost your web presence.
Oother special domains:
- .io domain
- .pro domain
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about:

nTLD List

  • What is an nTLD?

    nTLD is an abbreviation for 'new top-level domain', and refers to the section of a domain name that appears at the very end. The most frequently used top-level domain endings include .com, .net and .org, as well as national domain name endings like .co.uk for the United Kingdom and .it for Italy. As of November 2013, new top-level domain names became available to the online world, enriching the vast array of opportunities for more creative and targeted domain endings. As such, you can engage your potential target audience with a more attention grabbing domain, or showcase your business' appeal instantly, thus helping bring new customers to your site faster. Grab a coveted nTLD from 1&1 today!
  • Will I lose existing followers if I change my domain name?

    Switching from a traditional domain that ends in .com to a new top-level domain from 1&1, such as .music or .news does not mean you have to set up a new website. The hosting site will stay the same so your existing followers will still be able to find you. Only a small part of the domain will be renamed, making the URL look more sophisticated and captivating to new users. So, rather than losing existing followers of your website, or blog, a new top-level domain extension from 1&1 will help you gain more followers to your site. The more popular a website is the higher it ranks in Google, which is calculated based on how many visitors return to the site, and whether any other sites link to the website. With a captivating, new domain name that stands out from traditional .com domains, more users will be likely to visit your site, and share it with other users.
  • How will setting up a diverse new top-level domain benefit my business?

    Whether you choose a .music domain extension for a band website or music review website, or a .news domain for a blog or online magazine, a new top-level domain from 1&1 will benefit your business. Online marketing is integral to attracting new customers to your business, and ultimately will help you to sell more products. One of the most important elements of online marketing is achieving a high ranking in search engines, so that when users search for a product they find your business first. Achieving a high visibility in search engines doesn't come easily, but by creating a domain name that instantly stands out, is catchy, and will stick in users minds, you will be on your way to developing a strong, and impressive, web presence. With new, diverse, top-level domains from 1&1 your website will not go unnoticed, so give your business a boost and register online today.
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